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The trapezoidal shape of the island of Ischia is formed by a volcano, especially the western side of the Gulf of Naples, Pozzuoli side. "Ignimbrite rickety" is the island green tuff that erupted about 56,000 years is the largest volcano (Ischia) was followed by the formation of the caldera. The mountain is located in the town of Epomeo Serrara ischia fountain and a height of 789 meters, where you can see the whole island. Volcanism on the island of Ischia was significantly influenced by tectonism which formed a series of graben and horsts; least 800 m (2,624.67 ft) lift was formed as a result of resurgent doming during the last 33,000 years. Many small monogenetic volcanoes were formed around the island of Ischia. Volcanism during the Holocene tephras produced a series of pumice, tuff rings, lava domes and lava flows. The last eruption of Ischia, in 1302 AD, produced a cinder cone and lava flow Arso, which reached the north east coast town of movement. The ancient Romans called theisland of Iscghia: Aenaria, Greeks, Πιθηκοσαι,
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The island of Ischia are not only a spa and wellness, butalso nature, fun and nice people that visit the island of Ischia. The sea is beautiful thanks to the beautiful beaches and wonderful places and of course spectacular the island of Ischia offers several offers to stay in a hotel with spa and beauty farm near the sea for all your needs where you can see them by clicking on
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The island of Ischia is of volcanic origin is situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Gulf of Naples, Procida and near pozzuoli.Ischia is trapezoidal distance from Naples is 30 km, the circumference of the island of Ischia is 36 km and a surface of 46,3 square kilometers (17.9 km ²). The island of Ischia is mainly mountainous with rich flora and fauna. The highest mountain is called Mount Epomeo to 788 metri.L 'island has a population of over 60,000 people. The island of Ischia is composed of six municipalities, is the main town of Ischia, the following: Casamicciola Terme, Forio, Ischia Barano, Serrara Fontana, Lacco Ameno The main economy is tourism, focused on spas and beauty farms, in addition to the Italian tourism is tourism, German and Russian tourism, thanks to the volcanic island of Ischia, you can enjoy the hot springs spa (one of the most important is the source of Nitrodi said to be miraculous), and its lava, geysers, natural thermal mud, and the splendid sea of Ischia.maronti beach