Guiseppe Verdi said it best when he said "You may have the universe if I may have Italy".

For those of us living in Italy or those of you that just love it the way we do, you will come too realize that ITALIAN COLORS is a different concept in Italian vacationing.
Based on taste, colors and the aromas of our country, ITALIAN COLORS was designed out of our passion for Italy.
We want to bring together the Italian culture and its people and offer it to you as only insiders can.

  Our itineraries avoid big cities in favor of unfamiliar paths inspiring tourists to enjoy the experience of those living in Italy and contributing to the production of wine, food and art.
Your journey will take you through winding roads among vineyards, gardens, music and folklore.

You can experience "Primo Maggio" an improvisational celebration of spring where farmers and vineyard owners (dressed in full regalia) share their stories of the year as they sing, eat and drink their way from farm to farm all through the night.
If you join our tour during the summer season you can experience Filari d'Arte which is a festival unlike any others in Italy.
It incorporates all the arts under the stars.
You will dine with our friend's in their homes where you will savor wine, cheese and many other homemade delicacies.

  We take you deep into small and secret villages rich with millenary traditions and works of art.

If you like custom made jewelry you will be invited to watch artisans at work in their private studios.

Walk through a 100-year-old underground cantina on a private vineyard, learn to cook, speak the language, take an art class or just listen and watch as the beauty of Italy unveils her hidden treasures to you.
Whatever your pleasure we can help you choose a vacation that is perfect for you.



"Two roads diverged in a wood, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference".
Robert Frost
The Road Not Taken


Group sizes: Minimum 2 max 6
Transportation: Private car service from arrival to departure.
Custom Tours: Should you prefer a shorter tour please contact us
and special arrangements will be made.
A custom tour begins with your choices.
We will need to know the number of people (max 6),
how many days, where and when you wish to travel.
We will take care of everything else.
We will send you a quotation for your approval.

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