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Bergamo lived under Venetian rule for four centuries, a period which marked the city in terms of its history, art and culture. The walls surrounding the upper town stretch for five kilometres and were built by the Venetians between 1561 and 1591, intended to make Bergamo a fortress on the boundary with the State of Milan.

Donizetti: Bergamo is a city of culture, with its noble palaces, art galleries, ancient frescoes, baroque art and architecture. The city is also the birthplace of the composer Gaetano Donizetti (b. 1797), to whom the town dedicated its main theatre (Teatro Donizetti), built in the lower town at the end of the 18th Century. An important opera season dedicated to Donizetti is held in this theatre and is a popular international event, as is the International Festival for Piano. The Donizetti museum, home to the piano used by the composer in the creation of most of his works, is situated in the Palazzo della Misericordia in the upper town. The museum contains manuscripts, musical and theatrical publications, letters, documents, portraits etc. 

Accademia Carrara: The Accademia Carrara is one of the most important art galleries in Italy. Its exhibition halls hold paintings of world famous artists and include several works by the most important artists of Bergamo. The large art collection of this gallery originated from the patronage of a Bergamasque nobleman, Count Giacomo Carrara, who bequeathed his wealth to set up an art gallery and school in 1795. Other collections were added later and the gallery was recently extended to include the Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery. NB. Both galleries are closed on Mondays.

Other Museums:

Museo Civico Archeologico (archaeological museum), Piazza della Citadella, 9

Museo Civico di Scienze Naturali 'E. Caffi' (Natural Science Museum), Piazza della Citadella, 10

Museo Storico, Piazza Mercato del Fieno, 6/A

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore, Piazza Duomo

Cappella Colleoni, Piazza Duomo

Torre Civica (the Tower), Piazza Vecchia









Pizza: You can't come to Italy without trying the pizza. There are a few places in the centre of the lower town which are pretty good: Pizzeria All'Ancora in Via Quarenghi (facing the upper town, turn left at Porta Nuova, keep walking, Via Quarenghi is on the left), Pizzeria Da Nasti (not as nasty as it sounds) in Via Tiraboschi (facing the upper town, turn left at Porta Nuova; the pizza is on the left hand side) and Pizzeria La Ciotola in Via PapÓ Giovanni XXIII (facing the upper town from the station, on the left hand side). If you have a car, you might like to check out the Grotta Azzurra pizzeria in Via Ruggeri da Stabello, coming out of Bergamo towards our house (Ponteranica/ Sorisole).

Ice Cream: Italian ice cream is the best. There are lots of yummy ice cream shops, but our favourite is Surya in Viale PapÓ Giovanni XXIII. As you are heading towards the upper town from the train station, between the CafÚ de Paris and Porta Nuova, on the left you will see a tacky neon ice cream sign. 

Clanezzo: There is a restaurant in the castle and also a good restaurant nearby, Ristorante Del Moro.

Typical  'Cucina Bergamasca': 

Casoncelli: This is pasta shaped like ravioli with meat and cheese inside, with a butter (or olive oil) and sage dressing.

Polenta: This is the northern Italians' alternative to pasta as a staple food. It's made of corn, has a texture a bit like mashed potato and is served in slices about 8mm thick with various toppings (cheese, mushrooms, meat etc). 

Taleggio: This is the local cheese. It's fairly soft and creamy and quite yummy.

Salame nostrano/bergamasco: The local salami.


Local Wines:

Muller ThŘrgau: It sounds German, but if you taste it, you'll know it's not! It's a white wine and can either be sparkling (frizzante) or still. It has a nice, fresh taste and makes a refreshing aperitif.

GewŘrtztraminer: Ditto.

Prosecco: This is the Italian bubbly.

Val Calepio: This is the local wine, red or white.

Franciacorta: Also a local wine, produced in the area of lake Iseo. Red or white.

Valpolicella: Red wine produced in the Lake Garda area.



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