Introducing JavaISIS 3.5 beta 1!

March 2001: a new release of the UNESCO JavaISIS Client/Server suite for CDS/ISIS database is now available for testing. 
JavaISIS 3.5B1 is included in the new UNESCO Information Processing Tools CD-Rom (order)

What's new:

Client Side
  • Marking of records.

  • Saving of searched records.

  • Database selection window.

  • Font Selection.

  • New structure for the "Languages.txt" file.

  • Deletion of records during data-entry.

  • Multi-language encoding support.

  • Java2

The multi-language encoding is implemented according to the following rules:

NOTE: Problems were encountered showing characters with ISO8859_x encoding, therefore CPxxx is recommended.

Version compatibility and requirements

JavaISIS Client is compatible with older versions of JavaISIS Server.
However, due to the Swing porting of the graphical interface, it is compatible only with International versions of JDK or JRE 1.2.x or higher.
Please download JDK or JRE 1.2.x or higher (INTERNATIONAL version) from the Sun web site

Distribution and how-to run

JavaISIS 3.5 Client is distributed as a self-extracting ZIP compressed file containing a JAR file. Once installed double- click the file Javaisis.jar on Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000.
Under Unix/Linux, execute the following command:

java -jar Javaisis.jar

Server Side
  • Wizards to Add and Modify Database.

  • Command prompts to access configuration utilities.

  • Command Prompt disabling.

  • Configurable image to be displayed in the client's browser.

  • Support multilanguage encoding.

  • New WWWISIS scripts (fullinv,loadiso,addiso)

  • New structure of 'dblist' file.

Version compatibility

JavaISIS Server 3.5 is not compatible with 3.0 clients !

The new Server allows much easier database configuration and management and :

JAVAISIS is a multilingual TCP/IP client-server suite for CDS/ISIS data bases. The package consists of two distinct software:

  1. The JAVAISIS Client interface is a Java application running on every platform for which a Java Virtual Machine is available: Windows 95, 98, NT and Windows 2000, Linux, Macintosh, Sun Solaris,HP-UX and IBM-AIX.
  2. The JAVAISIS Server is also a Java application but relying on BIREME's WWWISIS 3.x, a web engine for CDS/ISIS. The Server is available for Windows 95, Windows NT, Sun Solaris, Linux ,HP-UX and IBM-AIX operating systems.
Version 3.0 is built with Java 1.0.2, while version 3.5 is a Java 2 application.

JAVAISIS lets you share, access and administrate one or more CDS/ISIS databases via a TCP/IP connection. In other words: the Internet. The following diagram shows the system architecture:


JAVAISIS 3.0 implements the following features:


Database browser
Expert search
Dictionary browser
Data Entry module
Local ASCII file download
Inverted File update
Print format support
Graphical and hypertextual commands
Record Printouts
ISO2709 Import
ISO2709 Export
International version

JAVAISIS was originally conceived and written by Renato Enea (Italy).
The first release, completed in March 1998, was distributed by DBA(Florence, Italy).
It included a C++ Server, written by Alessandro Enea, and a Java Client to get a multiplatform WinISIS-like interface. However, this release only supported browsing, searching and the dictionary (inverted file)
The second release, shipped in the beginning of April 1999 was composed by a multithread and multiplatform Java server and an enhanced Java Client supporting Import and Export of ISO2709 files and hypertextual formats and the possibility to manage CDS/ISIS database on Macintosh for the first time thanks to a more portable Java coding.
A simple Web site was established to distribute release 2: more than 200 users downloaded the client and the server from all around the world.
From the third release on, JavaISIS is distributed and supported by UNESCO.
Since then, major improvements include a complete multiuser data-entry module with a record lock-timeout feature and a simple worksheet format: JAVAISIS allows to update databases via a remote connection.

The software is fully Open Source: this means that you are free to modify and redistribute it according to the GPL, GNU General Public License. If you wish so, you can submit your changes and/or additions to UNESCO for including them into the standard JAVAISIS package.

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