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1 Basic Grammar + tables hiragana and katakana
2 Particles
3 Basic Vocabulary+colors
4 Numbers and days
5 Kanji+Gerund
Here you can download the japanese lessons (< 500 KB).
The course requires Java so you should download the version 1.3 or better from Java.sun.com, but Windows users can avoid a very long download adding into the directory 'data' Jre.exe (4.2 Mb).

This is a very good online dictionary (http://dictionary.goo.ne.jp)
Choose dictionary From English to Japanese
From Japanese to English
Only Japanese

Download... Japanese font for Windows (font msmincho) .....
To write kana kanji with western keyboard IME (imput method editor)......
And an automatic tranlator (write english in the left box and click the button in the middle).

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