PLEASE READ: Almost all the add-ons presented on this page work very well together; they are part of an ongoing and (more or less) coherent project to improve the features of CFS2 (see the project outline here). To make them work correctly and assure their compatibility with each other, please install them in the order they were created (according to the number they've been assigned on this page). Following this procedure some of the already modified files will be overwritten, but don't you worry: only the most current and comprehensive modified files will be left.
On the other hand the add-ons will all be functional even if installed by themselves, unless otherwise specified in their installation instructions.

Other goodies coming soon...

ADD-ON #12: vehicles Dust clouds for moving vehicles, new damage effects and a bug fix

ADD-ON #11: Nanni's landing lights Great stuff from Nanni: oil barrels on fire to help your night landings

ADD-ON #10: ground troops Two new objects: American and Japanese ground soldiers that move, shoot and can be wounded or killed (they scream too!)

ADD-ON #9: pilotkill Two new sound effects: blood curling screams when you wound or kill your enemy!

ADD-ON #8: engstart The original engine start smoke effect has been "enhanced" providing for more and longer lasting smoke.

ADD-ON #7: smoking guns This modification enables a new effect, smoke from aircraft machine guns and cannons. The effect is enabled for all aircraft, including bombers gunners' positions.

ADD-ON #6: flak splash effect This modification enables a new graphic effect, water splashes from low altitude flak bursts.
It also includes the roll damage fix (ADD-ON #4)

ADD-ON #5: oilslick ship damage effect This modification enables a new damage effect for ships: oil leaks from the fuel tanks, which gradually spread and cause a nice looking oil slick. Enjoy polluting the South Pacific ;-)

ADD-ON #4: roll damage fix! This modification attempts to model flak damage in a more realistic way. In fact, one of the most common complaints heard on the net about CFS2 is the fact that as soon as a flak burst appears on the horizon, your aircraft is slightly damaged, the smallest hole appears on a wing, and your aircraft suddenly loses 90% of its roll ability.

ADD-ON #3: ship smoke effects This modification of CFS2 provides a few interesting little improvements:
- longer lasting ship fires, with higher and more voluminous black smoke; they look much more like the real thing
- longer smoke from all ships smokestacks
- smoke and steam from the smokestack of the Yorktown; I don't know why, but in the original version it was missing

ADD-ON #2: torpedo wakes This slight modification for CFS2 will provide better looking, more realistic and more fps efficient wakes for aerial torpedoes.

ADD-ON #1: wakes This modification for CFS2 will provide longer wakes for all ships and a bow spray effect for destroyers, cruisers, battleships and carriers (US and Japan).

contrails This little modification for CFS2 will add red and green (or just plain white) longish and wispy contrails to the wingtips of the A6M2 Zero fighter.