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A Bench in Central Park with a Plaque with John's name, dedication saying, and dates of his life. This is what I have been working on getting approved by Commissioner of Parks, Henry Stern in New York City. After many phone calls, letters, and meetings,
                                IT HAS BEEN APPROVED!!
The Central Park Memorial bench and plaque is $5,000.  I will
be donating a substantial amount myself for this dedication, but I am asking for help from all of John's fans to danate $20 or what ever they can to help with raising the funds necessary to get this dedication for John.  If all of us, John's thousands of fans, do this together we will surely be able to get this dedication for him.
PLEASE DO NOT SEND CASH in the mail. Send Money Order or Check made payable to: JO ANN SMITH. Mailing Address:  32 West 23 Street-Lobby New York, N.Y. 10010

CENTRAL PARK is one of the most famous parks in the world and is visited by hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world.
CENTRAL PARK is also a gathering place for all musicians and artists.  John Lennon has a section of the park dedicated to him called Strawberry Fields. And I believe JOHN DENVER deserves a place in this beautiful park too!  He played many concerts in New York City and recorded his Wildlife Concert  and TV show there. 

With the anniversary of his tragic death coming up in October, this dedication will be a lovely tribute to this wonderful man who gave so many people inspiration in their lives and who worked so hard to save this planet.

This JOHN DENVER MEMORIAL BENCH will be a nice place for people to sit and contemplate the beauty of the "out of doors", to sit and maybe play a guitar and sing John's songs and to remember John and all he stood for.  And to have people from all over the world see it and remember John Denver forever.  This bench is a LIFETIME DEDICATION.

For the Love of John and the heartfelt desire to have him remembered forever, I envisioned this memorial bench by the lake.  Because John loved the "out of doors", to be surrounded by nature, this little bit of paradise in the middle of   a city seemed like the place to have a lifetime tribute to John. Then when some of his fans told me stories of seeing John strolling in Central Park, whistling, right before one of his concerts, well it just made it a bit more fitting.  With thousands of people from all over the world visiting this lovely park, I know that they will see John's bench by the lake and be reminded of him.  And this spot will be a quiet and beautiful place for all of John's fans and family to come and sit, and maybe John will sit by your side for a while. And if you listen really closely, you just might hear him whistling.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: when you send your donations, please e mail me your name and e mails address with the amount you donated. This way I can make a list of donations and will check it off with what comes in the mails.  ALSO, please write a little note with the name of one of John's organizations that he supported, that you would like the money to go to if we do not get the goal amount needed.  I will let everyone know when we get our goal amount and when the bench will be dedicated.   If by some chance we do not make the amount needed to fund this memorial bench, then all the money that was collected
will go to which ever organization received the most votes.  My e mail address is: WSmith5492@aol.com

In Loving Memory of John Denver
with Thanks

Jo FallingRock Smith

P.S. If some of you are skeptical about sending your donation for the JOHN DENVER MEMORIAL BENCH to me, Jo Smith, a fan like yourself, let me tell you what I have been doing. I went to a lawyer to see about getting a "trust fund" to have the donations sent to, but he advised me that for the small amount of money, $5,000.00 for the cost of the bench, that a trust fund would be too much paper work and too costly. I asked about opening a "business account" to have the donations sent to, and the bank said that the money would be "taxed".
So this is why I'm asking for the donations to be sent to me. I would never do anything to disrespect John's name or his memory. I am working on this with all the love I have in my heart for John. I have written letters, made phone calls, had meetings with city officials, and had the Commissioner of Parks Henry Stern call me personally to tall me that he thinks my campaign to get this Memorial Bench for John Denver is a wonderful idea and that John truly deserves it. So, if you are a loving fan of John's, here is your opportunity to be a part of the process of making this lovely lifetime tribute to him a reality. Thousands of people from all over the world will see John's bench and his name and will remember him for all time. I am sure John has at least 170 fans out there. Together we can make this happen. Thank you.

Jo Jo FallingRock Smith <WSmith5492@aol.com>