On Oct. 13th, I went on the air with Howard Stern!  Far Out!  Howard gave me almost 20 minutes of prime air time that went nationwide!  I spoke about our Beloved John Denver, talked about what a good and dear man he was, and about the John Denver Memorial Bench in Central Park.  Of course Howard's show made bad JD jokes, and talked silliness about John, but that was expected from the
Howard Stern show. I didn't care because it still was priceless exposure about John and his Memorial Bench. And all in all, Howard was really "nice" about our John, he told me not to let these silly people bother me, that I should go one with my quest to get John is Memorial Bench.  I think he truly likes John too, otherwise he wouldn't have given me so much fee air time.  It was a great experience, I was very nervous, but I DID IT!!!! And Im getting so many e mails of people who heard it, and said I did a fantastic job!  Now Im thinking of another way I could get our John remembered Worldwide!!  Please help out with your donations to the JD Memorial Bench, we still need $3,000 more to make it a reality.  John so deserves this, and it is a Lifetime Memorial!
Thank you so much.  Peace, Jo