All our products meet all the specification mentioned in the form which accompanies each product.
We will replace,  at no additional charge,  any product which is not conform to the specification
mentioned above.
No return goods will be accepted without our prior authorization.
The reason of the claim must be clearly write and fax to us.
By purchasing any product from Keymed, the customer acknowledges and agrees that the sole remedy
of any claim by for it is free replacement of the product deemed not conform to it's  stated specificatiions.
No guarantee of performance is made for unknown applications of our products.
Nothing disclosed in the agreement is to be construed as a recomendation to use our products in violation
of any patent.
We are not responsible for patent infringemntes or other violations that occur with the use of our products.
We reserve the right to change prices or packaging at any time without prior notification.
Our products are for research use only.


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