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Biking in Southern Tuscany: Arezzo and its country.
Arezzo has a great feeling with the bike! Is told that Leonardo da Vinci was in these countries when designing the first bicycle and painting La Gioconda. From then on a lot of cycling champions bore here and trained in our roads.
So you can find whatever you’re searching ( except Alps, risk, confusion and dangerous spots).

We are going to suggest some tours (with the guide or not) for trained people and with various grade of difficulty ( from 1 to 5 ), split in ON-ROADS,  and COUNTRY-ROADS.
Back roads, scenic landscapes, challenging hills, and Italian cooking create a biker's paradise. Morning rides are 25-35 miles on rolling terrain, with support van and optional loops.

Possibility of Shuttle by van to the vineyards in the afternoon or tour in Balloon. Each tour is modular , can foresee extensions as well as cut and restaurants to better taste the spots.           .


1- La via dei Setteponti. Traditional training road for bikers, it follow the feet of mount Pratomagno, you could find a lot of restaurants, vineyards, the characteristic “ calanchi”. We start from Arezzo and fast get out of busy traffic, reaching Castiglion Fibocchi, set of the film “Il Ciclone “, from there on the bending road follow the mountain, the sight is free and the air is fresh, we could also climb up to 900 mt or remain at 350 and reach Loro Ciuffenna, a charming old village, and from there Castelfranco di Sopra. Then , for the most trained, begin the ascent to the Vallombrosa Abbey, an historical site quite impossible to describe, you ought to climb up to there and loose yourself in an ancient-forest.
D-2      B-3       P-3       T-3/6h 

2- da Arezzo a Cortona . A pretty ride throughout the Valdichiana, we can climb one pass ( about 5 km of ascent immersed ina wonderful coloured wood) and from there have a look at a mighty landscape emerging, sometime ,from the fog, or gold plated by the sun . Then we descent to Castiglion Fiorentino ( nice ancient town with its buildings &church) , from there we cannot avoid to ascent ( 5 min) to the castle of Montecchio (13th century ) and finally we head for Cortona, one of the most famous town in Tuscany, with a very old story. Inside the town you’ll be transferred back in Time, visit the etruscan museum, enjoy the street life and visit an old monastery of Le Celle, where S. Francesco was ( really interesting ).  The way back bring us among the valley through very narrow country roads

D-1      B-2       P-4       T-3/5h


3- Montepulciano A faster ride will bring us to Montepulciano, according to the point of start ( that could change due to the length you choice ) , crossing the Valdichiana , seeing its small towered towns, large and ancient farms with their noble palaces ( impossible to miss” la Fattoria dell’Amorosa” ) and then we reach the mount where Montepulciano lay, filled with vineyards and cellars we’ll surely visit and the a gentle climb brings us through the portals of its ancient walls. One other way will bring us back to Arezzo .
D-1      B-4       P-4       T-2/5h

4- Up and down near Lucignano this town lies in a gentle hill and from there we will start to the discovery of the surroundings, which are various and interesting, full of castles, small old churches, gentle climb. Several are the choices for one or two dasy ride, reaching Asciano and entering the famous “crete senesi “ , then we will descent to the Abbey of Monte Oliveto Maggiore and to Buonconvento and its walls. From there we can see Montalcino, stage for another exciting ride, but is time to get back to Lucignano passing Trequanda and Sinalunga.

D-2      B-5       P-5       T-3/6

5- South Chianti we go by van up to Castelnuovo Berardenga and from there we start to the discovery of the Southern part of Chianti, less known but really more easy to visit by bike, filled with astonishing panoramas, old villas and farms, one over all the others: Borgo san Felice , a jewel of the 15th century perfectly arrived to us, now as a charming hotel. Up and down over the hills, never as hard as other parts of Chianti, we will reach the Castel of Brolio and from there we will begin the return which will reserve to us other wonderful experiences.

D-2      B-5       P-5       T-3/6

6- Extension Up and Down through Chianti: w ecould stop in a charming hotel and from there start the following day for a large excursion in this area, in the evening the van will take us back to Arezzo or Siena.

7- Uliveto e Civitella one of the old road of oil will lead us from Uliveto, softly laying on a hill full of olive trees, the to Ciggiano and ascent to S. Pancrazio ( 6 km) we could appreciate a panorama over two valleys and then head toward Civitella ( 5 km ascent ,smooth) and old fortified small borgo, the the rings is finished, so we could relish the sunset over the terrace with a glass of wine.
8- In Valdambra from the town of Pergine we will go through a bending smooth road deep in Valdambra, visit its town and relais, then head toward the mountains and reach the Abbazia di Coltibuono ( 8 km ascent ), mighty panorama, old cellar and castle, great restaurant! From there we could have an extension tour to Gaiole in Chianti, have a look at its castles and get back to the van in the evening

D-1      B-3       P-3       T-2/4

Pienza, Montichiello, Bagno Vignoni, San Quirico d'Orcia
Ride through the sleepy hilltop villages of Trequanda, Montisi, and Castelmuzio. Stop and explore the Chiesa di S. Anna, made famous in the movie "The English Patient." Our home for the next three nights is the resplendent Il Chiostro di Pienza. Once a 15th century convent, the hotel offers incredible views of the Val d'Orcia. Bicycle through gently winding roads to Montichiello, a charming hilltop village overlooking the timeless beauty of the Val d'Orcia. Continue to Bagno Vignoni, a famous medieval spa town where we will soak our feet in the warm thermal waters. Continue north to the sleepy town of San Quirico d'Orcia. In the evening we will continue to enjoy some excellent regional wines - Chianti Classico, Brunello and Rosso di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

D-2      B-5       P-5       T3/6h


and more to be added : Casentino and Valtiberina


1 Anciolina and Pratomagno we reach San Giustino Valdarno through the via dei Setteponti and start the climb to the village of Anciolina, astonishing is the sightseeing that opens on the valley, fresh air, green trees and high tops, may recall the Alps, but when you reach the village, the atmosphere is pretty tuscan ! From there is wonderful descend or via the regular paved road or trough the “Forestale” off-road DOUBLE TRACK, VERY IMPEGNATIVE
D-2      B-3       P-5       T-3/6H                                                                                    ASCENT 2 h

2 PRATOMAGNO RIDGE 1. h. van up to la Consuma, then we get the bikes and start to follow the ridge, thin air, astonishing view at 360°,charming double tracks surrounded by an ancient pine forest, later we’ll meet large prairies and finally the way down to Arezzo. 5-6 hours
D-3      B-3       P-5       T –5/7                                                                                     ASCENT    1 1/2h

3 LIGNANO MOUNT LOOP the mount stands as a sentinel over Arezzo and Valdichiana, we will have a 1 h. Ascent ( 2 different ways ) till when pine-trees follow chestnut trees and olive trees, there we’ll have a short rest looking at the mighty panorama and then we’ll begin the single track in the “enchanted wood”, an old track which round about the mountains, several kind of choice to better fit your whish, then begins the way down toward a wild life zoo ( and barbecue) and finally we reach the bottom of the valley and the road back to Arezzo .
D-3      B-5       P-5       T-2/4                                                                                      ASCENT    1 1/4h

4 PARCO DELLE COMUNANZE short after Castiglion Fiorentino ( 20 min. van ) we will start & visit first the ancient town of Castiglion fiornetino, pretty unknown but really worht of a visit, then we ascent to the Castello di Montecchio , a very well preserved one , and from there we will dive into ancient olive trees .With a smooth ascent in less then 1 h , will reach the top with a beautiful sight over Cortona and, always, over the tower of the Castle . Surrounded by a wonderful  vegetation , a sweet loop will bring us back to the start.
D-2      B-5       P-5       T-3/4                                                                                      ASCENT     1h

5 CASTELLO DI MONTECCHIO-CORTONA One of the must exiting ride in our country: the first part is the same of n. 4then we ascent to the top of Mount S. Egidio ( 2 h. Total ) and from there we can see the lake Trasimeno, Cortona, Montepulciano, Amiata and other towns&church laying in the valley. A winding paved road will take us to Cortona, let us have a look at the “convento delle Celle “ wonderful eremo of 14th century, We will visit Cortona and its ancient buildings, will have a meal and rest, then , down to the valley to reach the starting point.

D-3      B-4       P-5       T-3/6                                                                                      ASCENT 2 ½ H

6 UP AND DOWN THROUGH SINALUNGA HILLS we could follow the steps of the race for the italian MTB championship, or take it easier riding the winding road that leads to the top of the Sinalunga hill surrounded by vineyards and olive trees. Sweet is the road, large the panorama, then we will go down to Farneta and Farnetella, ancient small picturesque villages, then we could climb again the hill and descent for a single track very exciiting, up to reach again Sinalunga.
D-2      B-3       P-3       T-3/5                                                                                      ASCENT 1-2 h

7 LUCIGNANO RIDGE Lucignano lays over a sweet hill , it is an ideal base for some excursion in the neighbourhood: we will enter a private park, filled with wild animals ,and silently will be surrounded by another enchanted wood, old empty mansions, farm, small river lead us behind in the Time. Then we will ascent a little hill and reach the ridge, with its gorgeous mansions, realy some of the better you could find here. The loop can be extended with the tour to the castle of Calcione and the near hills. Very smooth and mysterious ride. Adapt to all. 2-3 h
D-1      B-3       P-4       T-2/3                                                                                      ASCENT 1/2h

8 FATTORIA DI GRATENA LOOP a short ride near Arezzo, exciting single and double track, crossing vineyards and pine trees wood up to reach a charming castle . Adapt to all, is very amusing, 
D-1      B-3       P-2       T-2/3                                                                                      ASCENT 1/2h

9 CIVITELLA LOOP Civitella is a nice ancient village surrounded by walls, we will reach it, have a looka t the panorama and then follow the ridge over Valdichiana : 2 choices to Cornia or to Uliveto, another charming little village, (possibility of extension to Ciggiano ) and then back to the starting point. 

D-1      B-2       P-3       T-2/4                                                                                      ASCENT 1/2h

10 ANCIENT MANSIONS IN THE HILLS NEAR SIENA this is a wonderful ride in an old country, we will visit the ancient village of Orgia and other very exciting ones, you will REALLY feel in the Middle Age, believe to us, that’s the reason why the itinerary is top secret, but the restaurant at the end is very famous , worth of a visit! 1 h commuting.

D-2      B-5       P-5       T-3/6                                                                                        ASCENT 1h

11 CASTELNUOVO BERARDENGA AND SOUTH CHIANTI this area is famous and well known, but we will lead you into some different places, to visit vineyards, castles and one of the highest jewel arrived to us from the 16th century: Borgo S. Felice ! Its charme and class...and the ascent will take your breaths away. Then we will reach the Castello di Brolio, set of several films and will end the loop visiting other villages&CASTLES in sprayed in a smooth slope . Beautiful and unforgettable! 

D-2      B-5       P-5       T-3 ½ / 5                                                                                ASCENT   1 ½ h

12 PIENZA AND VAL D’ORCIA LOOP you surely know this area, really worth of a soft visit, we will take all the time to let you taste this wonderful panorama : bagno Vignoni, Bagni San Filippo, Monticchiello ,the set of “ The Engish Patient “ will welcome you . 1 h commuting.

D-1      B-5       P-5       T-2/5                                                                                      ASCENT   1/2h

13 RAPOLANO ,CASTLES,PINETREES AND SPA from Lucignano we will lead you in a nice single track among the pine trees, then ,following the ridge will reach Rapolano and its SPA, we could get inside ( 15 euro ) and have a warm bath+ food, then we drive back to Lucignano, visiting 3 castles and their surroundings full of history, very nice even if les known, Poggio Santa Cecilia, Villa Boninsegni and other will welcome you. Then we will reach the starting point. 

D-2      B-4       P-4       T-3/6                                                                                      ASCENT 1/2h







 GITE IN BICICLETTA con accompagnatore:

È una terra perfetta per pedalare, dove le strade non si misurano in chilometri ma in emozioni!

Tra Arezzo e Siena si snoda una miriade di strade che sembrano inventate per chi viaggia nel silenzio; il rumore dei motori si ode raramente pedalare su queste strade significa immergersi completamente nella pace e nella tranquillità di un paesaggio intergo dove si viaggia in compagnia degli elementi. Ovunque si avverte la presenza discreta dell’uomo che qui ha saputo creare capolavori di arte e squisiti gusti in cucina,insieme all’anima selvaggia di un ambiente rimasto autentico e immutato nei secoli.

La bicicletta è sicuramente il mezzo che più di ogni altro esalta il contatto con la natura e con l’uomo, e non è nemmeno difficile riuscire ad incontrare animali selvatici;ma le nostre terre costituiscono anche un luogo lontano , un’esotica via di fuga e due passi da casa!

Numerose sono le possibiltà offerte dal nostro territorio, tra queste segnaliamo alcuni percorsi che sono davvero entusiasmanti e adatti a tutti quelli che hanno un minimo di dimestichezza con la bici e di allenamento. Le bici possono essere anche fornite da noi previa prenotazione con una settimana di anticipo. E’ previsto il trasfer con van fino all’inizio della tappa
(massimo 40 minuti)

note: difficoltà= D(da 1 a 5) Bellezza strada =B (da 1 a 5) P=Panoramicità
T=tempo medio di percorrenza e possibili estensioni
per la lista completa, vedere la pagina in inglese: Bike tours