LADIES WEAPONS is a "fashion-fiction" visual story….

Since 1998 Italian artist Antonio Riello has been making very special weapons as artworks. Assault rifles, pistols, machine guns, carbines, sub-machine guns, hand grenades, rocket launchers and any kind of contemporary military guns are restyled by the artist as high fashion accessories for sophisticated ladies.

Weapons from all over the World are used: American M16, Russian Kalashnikov, Israelian UZI, Italian Beretta and many others. Recently also armours in steel, plastic and Kevlar are made to protect ladies against urban dangers.

In this artproject the glamour of fashion system is mixed with the common perverse and morbid fascination for weaponry.

These works - made using leopard skins, brightly lacquered colours, jewels, furs, trendy fabrics and special technological appliances - play along the thin line between fashion and trash.

LADIES WEAPONS are a sort of hybrids born from the most outstanding contemporary Italian features: the obsession for personal security and the passion for elegance and fashion.

Every artwork has a name of a woman ("CLAUDIA", "TAMARA",….) and exists only in one exemplar.

Where is allowed the artist uses real weapons, in the countries where is forbidden artworks are based on perfect replicas.

Zoe Ida Gea

Claudia Mara

Sarah Helena Caroline

Jolanda Laura Margherita
Sonia Maria Barbara

Antonio Riello lives in Milano, Marostica and Amsterdam. To have more info about LADIES WEAPONS you can contact: