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Mail di Stanton Friedman 9.8.99

Rrisposta di Paola Harris a Friedman su Wolf 15.8.99

Dal sito Internet di Paola Harris, 1999

Recensione libro Wolf a cura di Marjorie Haller, 14.7.98

Area 51 Mailing List Digest v096.n017, 24.10.96. Messaggio di Glenn Campbell

Area 51 Mailing List Digest v096.n017, 21.10.96. Messaggio di Tom Mahood

Mail di Dave Vetterick, 26.1.2000

Mail di "Marge Haller" del 15.8.97

Lettera di R. Boylan a UFO Magazine, in difesa di Wolf, 28.1.98

Replica di Bill Hamilton su Michael Wolf, 30.7.97

Mail di Bruce Maccabee su UFOmind mailing list, 14.2.98

Mail di Richard Dillon su UFOmind, 28.8.97

Intervista a Wolf di Marjorie Haller, postata in UFOmind il 14.11.97

Lettera aperta di Friedman, postata da Francisco Lopez in UFOmind l’1.2.98

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Fonte: mail di Stanton Friedman 9.8.99


I must repeat that no evidence regarding Michael Wolf Kruvant's supposed

scientific and military background has been provided. I did verify that he

is a member of the NY Acad. of Sciences and the Amer. Assoc. for the

Advancement of Science and that he claimed many degrees on his applications.

They stated they do not check listed credentials. Just pay your money and

anybody can join. Dun and Bradstreet has verified that there is no such

research organization as claimed by Michael. I checked McGill, MIT(several

different places including Physics, alumni, registrar, etc), Cal Tech,

Georgetown, the NSC.. no verification of any claim.. no thesis etc..The MIT

legal man stated there is no way to wipe out records. Wolf's book from

Dorrance was a subsidy book. You pay and they provide and distribute copies.

Corso was certainly a military man. However, though he claimed to be head of

the Army's Foreign Technology Dept. under General Trudeau, the roster for

the group shows there were only 2 people in the department. Corso was the

junior officer. For reasons unknown, he also signed a sworn statement for

Peter Gersten claiming that he had been a member of the National Security


The Eisenhower Library confirmed that he had been connected with the NSC,

but was never a member and attended no meetings. He refused to withdraw the

claim when asked about it by Gersten..some delusions of grandeur. here, I

think.. There is much more to the Corso story but the substantial claims

certainly have no substantiation.

These are, of course, not the first fraudulent claims in ufology.. think of

William Spaulding,Guy Kirkwood (a.k.a. Mel Noel), Frank Stranges, Robert

Scott Lazar. It is interesting that while Lazar only claimed MS degrees from

MIT and CIT,( he did attend Pierce Junior College) Wolf claimed PhD's from

both places and a law degree from Clinton's Alma Mater Georgetown Univ. and

still no diplomas in sight. I am working on the claims of Clark Charles

McClelland and claims of conversations with Von Braun about Roswell and a

background of 53 years in Aerospace Engineering: Started young I guess since

he was born Sept. 5, 1935. He did obtain 12 credits from Brevard County

Cmty. College.....

Stan Friedman


Fonte: risposta di Paola Harris a Friedman su Wolf 15.8.99


Dear Sirs

Mr Stanton Friedman has not done his homework as my Mentor J Allen

Hyneck used To say. It costs money to debunk and Stanton ,when you are

charging an extra dollar for your autograph with each book you sell,

when you don't bother to listen to other speakers at conference and when

YOU don't bother to visit these people at their homes and interview

them in person , as I have, you have no right to descredit and attack ,

especially a respected scientist ( A member of the New York Academy of

Sciences and National Security Council Advisor) like Dr. Michael Wolf

Kruvant . Look folks, it costs money to debunk!!!

I have visited the home of Michael Wolf three times in Hartford and He

does live in an apartment and I have photos and movie film, of him, his

wife and son's photos and family pictures. They do exist ,as do his

claims of working under cover in Rome with Fellini. Those photos are

there if only people would do their homework properly. I have seen his

credentials but was asked not to show them as he needs to play the

"official deniability" role for the purpose of playing"the Game" as does

ED FOUCHE who also wrote his book under the guise of science fiction.

Michael has a house full of medical and law books ,

microscopes,computers, plus numerous other equiptment and photos of the

first artificial intelligence lab he created for the government. All

these things are there as we, those of us from foreign publications who

have actually seen him ( Michael Hesseman included) can attest to. He is

real. I have had at least 60 telephone conversations with him in the

last year and one half and He does not change any details to his

story.There have been some who have found proof that he did go to MIT

but if one knows" how Black OPS truly works, the proof disappeared off






Since I and my colleague Adrianno Forgione ( UFO NETWORK- FUTURO ITALY)

have been covering this story for awhile and I have of course cross

checked some Dr Wolf's information and found him to be telling the truth, I would be

willing to answer any questions about him.


Fonte: dal sito Internet di Paola Harris, 1999.


It is impossible to look into the eyes of Dr. Michael Wolf which are jet

black and appear to be lacking a center pupil and not coin a totally new

term for this extraordinary man, "Mesoalien." Notizario UFO Staff writer

Adriano Forgione and i fIew to Connecticut on August 8th 1998 to see for

ourselves what this scientist with a most unusual blood chemistry

(Cholesterol 933 ;Triglicerides 3769) looked like . It was then that he

took a flashlight and showed us his dark green pupils. Dressed in Doctor's

scrubs, which to some mistakenly appear as pajamas, Dr. wolf is indeed a

medical doctor, and a neurologist. He has a house full of medical

encyclopedias, two electron microscopes , several computers , glass

chemistry tubes , an oscilloscope and other various asundry articles. For

those UFOlogists who say he lacks credentials , I can add that Adrianno and

1 saw them accidentally because we knocked on his door an hour earlier than

we were supposed to and he did not have time to take them down.

He has an Md. in Neurology, a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics, a DSC in

Computer Intelligence, a J D in International Law, an MS.. in the

Electromagnicatic Magnetic Field's ( EM) influence on organisms, and a B.S

in Biogenetics. The problem is that most of these degrees were earned in

the government's secret " black Operations" program and those participating

Universities have canceled him from their records . Previously Dr. Wolf has

served as a scientific consultant to the President ( including Clinton, we

saw the "thank you letter on the wall), and consultant to the National

Security Council on extraterrestrial matters and a member of the

Majestic(Mj- 12), Ufosecrecy management agency's. Special Studies Group,

and has been in charge of its lead agency the Alphacom Team. He is a

respected member of the New York Academy of Sciences and American

Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS )and has been a member

for many years. He has served as an Air Force Colonel. pilot, flight

surgeon and counter-intelligence officer for the CIA and NSA. He is a

genius with a great sense of humor and an enormous love for " mankind'

especially the children of planet Earth.

But there are those of my colleagues who call him totally" crazy". "Crazy

like a fox ", says Michael, laughing with that most infectious, Dr Wolf

told me he worked undercover with Federico Fellini as an extra on the film

" 8 1/2' and he lived at the " Sporting hotel in Parioli (which does exist

) and, as Corso often did, Michael could name the names of the portiere

(Doorman) and most of his friends in Rome. The first thing i noticed as i

looked on his living room wall in Connecticut in August was the old faded

photos of Fellini Claudia Cardinale and Marcello Mastroianni as studio

Technicians wrapped a very young handsome dark-haired Michael in a white

sheet as part of a movie stunt. I might add he is still a very handsome man

who stands about 61 but now has gray hair and, due to the fact that he has

also contracted diabetis which he adds to his list of many ailments, he is

extremely thin.

Another set of criteria that I use to determine a person's credibility

which I also learned from Col. Corso and many other military figures that I

have interviewed lately including my own father, who served under Mussolini

as a Cavalry officer in 1943, is that these men repeat themselves and tell

the exact same story dozens of times. In the case of the Colonel , 1 must

have heard his war stories at least twenty times and he never changed a

detail because he TRULY entered that dimension as he retold the event. Wolf

also repeats himself often never changing the details in the slightest way,

even if I often , question him intensley asking for more details, dates

etc.. 1 have over 20 taped conversations with him and he is very crystal

clear about events and he gets very irritated and does not hesitate to

correct me if 1 make the slightest mistake about any of his experiences as

is evidenced when 1 said he worked at S4 "Indian lakes facility" instead of

"Indian Springs" as it truly called. But then Dr. Wolf's philosophy, his

third commandment if you will, is " forgive people before they injure you

because they are most surely going to do it". Dr. Wolf uses a precise

scientific vocabulary and he assumes that the listener is intelligent and

knowledgeable. From my own experience, 1 will also add "cultured" as he

often speaks about his love for the painter Italian Modigliani whom he

imitated when he painted a nude on his laboratory door. He assumes the

listener or reader can easily make the logical connections because our

minds work like his( he has an 200 IQ) The truth is that we are not all

wired like him and. this is perhaps the greatest problem with a "

mesoaliens" , these very spiritually asstute technologically advanced

people, call them " hybrids" if you will, that they wrongly assume that we

are on their level while they are attempting to communicate to us and help

us to unravel the ongoing mystery of our intergalactic / Inter dimensional

contact, our roots , perhaps even our history. Michael adds that in his

capacity as diplomatic interface for the US government with the

extraterrestrials, that they do not possess a duality and they take things

quite literally and do not try to confuse us as our government often does.

So how does one speak with an Alien or even a " mezoalien" , a scientist

with an intense sensitivity for his fellow man, who possess a genuine

emotional love that Adrianno and 1 truly felt when we were in his presence;

a man who understands the workings of atoms , particles, subatomic

physics and galaxies of the universe and who sees everything as connected

and created and manifested by the CreatorSource whom he does call God?

Perhaps, this marvelous creature, this man, this" meso alien "is also in

the state of evolution creating more synapes from the dendrites and exons

in his own brain and joining ever more his amazing mind to his own soul or

just maybe he has always been this way. In any case, Dr. Wolf reminds us

there should never have been this split between the old science and our

spirituality, a dichotomy between the physical and metaphysical worlds. We,

humans have split ourselves in two and now it is time to get it together.

We will have to fight to join again this dual nature as we leave the 4th

world of advanced technology and enter the 5th dimension of Spiritual

growth as the Hopi prophesies tell us. It is quite ironic, and certainly

not surprising that , Dr. Wolf has been invited to speak by the Native

Americans (Standing Elk) at the Famous Sedona Star Conference this November

22nd, an event which will unite many Indian tribes and Ufologists in a

continuing dialogue about the forth coming Earth Changes. All this while

the outside world continues to deny that Dr. Michael Wolf Exists. I once

asked Wolfs friend, Clinical psychologist and UFO researcher Dr. Richard

Boylan how Dr. Wolf can stay loyal to his country and be so intensely

committed to saving the planet. How can these two ideas coincide?" Dr. Wolf

sees no intellectual contradictions here , he replied. He excels at

straddling difficult boundary lines. " Richard Boylan is right.


Fonte: recensione libro Wolf a cura di Marjoie Haller, 14.7.98

Another Book Review of "The Catchers of Heaven"

Many people have reviewed The Catchers of Heaven by Michael Wolf from

the stand point of the information (which is much) in the book,

government secrecy, the more technical end of the ET/Ufo phenomena, and

whether or not the information that is in the book is true. I would

like to review the book from a spiritual perspective. First, I am going

to assume that the facts given in the book is true because of the many

interrelated messages and themes of the book. For instance, it is not

just a book about ETs/UFOs. It is also a book about the

interconnectedness of the ETs and UFOs with our everyday life. It is a

book about love and hope. It is a book about the interconnectedness of

science and spirituality, and the taking the halo of off science. It is

a book about being responsible for our environment and making this

planet a safe place for our children and their children. We need to

realize that the future of this planet lies in our children. Finally,

the book is about raising our consciousness to the point that we are not

only one with others on this planet, but we are also one with other

forms of life in the Universe which allows us to become cosmic citizens.

Not one penny from the proceeds of this book will go to Dr. Wolf. It

goes to the Daniel Wolf Memorial Foundation for children. Hence, Dr.

Wolf did not write this book for the money but rather for the children.

Dr. Wolf realizes that, in order to make this planet safe for our

children, we have to start taking better care of the environment and

learn to get alone with one another now before it is too late. In

talking about the crop-circles, Dr. Wolf says this:

"The crop-glyphs, or the simple to complex crop-circles, that exist not

only in England, but in every country within the global village, by

virtue of their increasing complexity, apart from causing headaches and

frustrations; very well may be trying to communicate messages concerning

the endangered planet on which we not only live, but which we are

more-more quickly than slowly-destroyng."

There is hope for this situation and this hope lies within ourselves.

In The Catchers of Heaven, there is an incident where DR. Wolf and his

friend Charley are taken aboard an alien spacecraft. While they are

aboard the craft, Charley asked the ETs about the question of evil.

They responded:

"We believe that evil has no proprietary place in this universe...even

though it wasnbt found on just one planet. It is truly difficult to

understand, why beings invent and personify evil, when the only true

demons were the ones running freely around in the beingbs own heart,

until one sees the wisdom of purging them."

It is within ourselves that we have the power and the strength not to

allow evil to have power over us. As the ETs told Dr. Wolf: "There are

no problems upon which your heart must continue to dwell. Know this and

be happy."

As long as we continue to dwell on the evil in our hearts, we continue

to allow evil to have power over us. But, once we start dwelling on

love, then we become freed from the power of evil. This is because

"love is sufficient unto love: it asks not, nor will it be asked; love

cannot be commanded; love will not exploit, nor will it be exploited;

love exists only for love, for it cannot be possessed....Love has no

home, no land, no protector, for love must safe guard itself." This

last passage from Dr. Wolfbs book cannot help but remind one of St.

Paulbs passage on love from I Corinthians 13 which echos the same

sentiment that love is the power behind everything as well as being the

guiding power within ourselves.

"If I speak in the tongues of mortals and of angels, but do not have

love, I am a noisy going or a clanging symbol....Love is patient, love

is kind, love is not envious or boastful or arrogant or rude. It does

not insist on its own way, it is not irritable or resentful; it does not

rejoice in wrongdoing, but rejoices in the truth. It bears all things,

believes all things, endures all things. Love never ends....And now,

faith, hope, and love abide; and the greatest of these is love."

For Dr. Wolf, we are in danger because of a lack of this kind of

unconditional and freeing love. We must not only be able to give

unconditional love, but we also must be able to keep it in our hearts

for our own well-being; for it is this unconditional love that is able

to bring down our inner walls and frees us from our own inner bondage.

"The container is in danger for lack of love, unconditional. The one

looks back at time with a light in his eyes and a glow from inside that

is a vision, internalized almost allowing the secret places to open."

Therefore, true victory lies in our hearts rather than in what we might

say or do. We need to take the time to just be so that we can allow our

energies to influence those around us. It is also through our thoughts

that we can create the new. It is for this reason that with all of our

conscious being, we must open our minds and freely consent to the

arrival of the new.

"Know these things and your essence will transcend any barriers in which

you believe. The halo will be removed from human science and your

thoughts will create the reality you desire and need....Know that your

love transcends time and space, transcends any wall that you may meet on

your way home. Such walls will fall before your words. All barriers

will fall before you and at your feet, they will fall because your

thoughts are powerful. You must use your Thought-powers."

In the book, Dr. Wolfbs connections with the ETs is varied. He is an

abductee, a contactee, an in-between, and negotiator for the ETs. As an

in-between Dr. Wolf can be considered as both an ET and a human being.

It is as

an ET that he discusses (with humor) how we need to be careful of our

terminology. This discussion also gives the reader insight into how DR.

Wolf viewed himself when he was growing up.

"You have to be very sure when you use the word `alienb that you are not

misunderstood. This planet, and the space surrounding it, is becoming

smaller and smaller. I still have memories of television announcers

asking people who were aliens to `please register at your local post

office.b And how Ibd be halfway to the door before one of my parents

would stop me, saying `that doesnbt mean you.b Well, upon reflection,

my response to the TV announcement was an honest and correct one. "

When Dr. Wolf was grown and had his own son, he had a discussion with

his boy again over terminology which revolved around the government and

the use of the term, "UFO."

"The United Sates government is correct in saying there are no UFOs.

`Ub stands for `unidentified.b The U.S. government knows what UFOs

are. So, my dearest son, technically, the government is not lying. If

they have identified them, they are no longer UFOs, so of course they

donbt exist. "

According to Dr. Wolf, the government is compartmentalized to the point

where the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. One

part of the government might be negotiating with the ETs while another

part of the government (the military) is shooting down the ETs crafts

from the skies. Dr. Wolf talks about how the `guestsb of the government

are mistreated. This is highlighted in a story where Dr. Wolf shows

great courage in hiding an ET, who had been shot, from two FBI agents

who showed up at his door looking for this ET. He looked at their

identification and reminded them that their boss reports to the same

boss that he does. When they asked if they could have a look around, D.

Wolf invited them to leave immediately. After they left, the doctor

whom Michael called arrived to take care of the ET. Dr. Wolf knows that

the ETs are here to help us raise our consciousness and he does make the

point that the ETs really do want to be here. An example is that they

know of the possible mistreatment that they might have to go through at

the hands of the government and they still come. A second example is

taken from Dr. Wolfbs own words.

Yet when they enter this rather uncontrolled atmosphere with its

unpredictable winds, jet stream and other forms of turbulence, it is not

as it is on their worlds. Their atmosphere and weather conditions are

controlled, so they must want very much to come here, for some of their

conveyances crash and burn, just like ours do.

Therefore, we need to stop separating ourselves into factions,

countries and tribal units and become as one human race. We need to let

go of our egos in order to let our walls down so that we can truly love

one another. We need to open our eyes, raise our consciousness, and

become one with the planet so that we can also become one with the

universe. We need to communicate among ourselves so that we can

communicate with the ETs. We need to do all this for the sake of our

children. This is the message of The Catchers of Heaven. For a summary

of Dr. Wolfbs message I am taking a quote from a scientist who

understood this message even before Dr. Wolf wrote the book. The

scientist was Albert Einstein who knew that this message needed to be


"A human being is part of the whole called by us universe, a part

limited in time and space. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and

feelings as something separate from the rest...This delusion is a kind

of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to

affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free

ourselves from the prison by widening our circle of compassion to

embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty...We

shall require substantially a new manner of thinking if mankind is to

survive. "


Fonte: Area 51 Mailing List Digest v096.n017, 24.10.96. Messaggio di Glenn Campbell.


"The Catchers of Heaven: A Trilogy" By Micheal Wolf (1993, 1996)

(Dorrance Publishing, Tel. 412-288-4543, $24)

Preliminary Review by Glenn Campbell, 10/18/96

Area 51 Research Center,

I have finally received my copy of "Catchers of Heaven," a novel

supposedly by a physician who worked with ETs for the government.

Receiving the book is one thing; reading and decoding it is another.

It is 402 dense pages of mostly philosophical musings. I have spent

several hours with the book, but I cannot say I have read it. I've

just skimmed it for key words and tried to read the parts that

pertain to E.T.'s and government programs.

There are a _lot_ of key words here: MJ-12, S4, Dulce, NSA, NPO,

DARPA, "The Company" (CIA), KGB, Reticulum. There are praises in

the book's Dedication for Whitley Strieber, John Mack, David Jacobs,

Budd Hopkins, Steven Spielberg and many other prominent UFO names,

including Walt Andrus and Billy Meier (which shows to me a certain

lack of selectivity). Is he dropping well-known names just to seek

credibility? Curiously, I see no mention of Bob Lazar, whose story

this one seems closest to.

If I can sum up the book in one word, it is "Strieber-esque".

This is presented as a "roman a clef," a book written as a novel but

purporting to contain facts that the author cannot otherwise talk

about -- being, as he claims, under the restrictions of National

Security. The author presents himself as a multi-disciplinary

researcher: M.D. in neurology, PhD in theoretical physics, another

degree in computer science, jet pilot, etc. The protagonist has

done it all: flown recon missions over 'Nam, protected war orphans,

cloned prototype soldiers in unethical medical experiments, served

as a courier for the CIA to East Germany, created "organic"

computers, worked with ET's, etc. Not since James Bond has one man

done so much. He is an abductee from the age of 11, and has spent a

lifetime working on Black projects. He has even worked out his own

theory of the universe.

The book jacket says only:

Dr. Wolf, Chancellor Emeritus of The New England

Institute for Advanced Research, maintains memberships

in The New York Academy of Sciences and the American

Association for the Advancement of Science, the latter

as a patron member. He currently resides in Connecticut,

where he writes and continues his work on a variety of


(I wonder how much you have to donate to become a "patron member" of

AAAS. $200?)

Dorrance Publishing appears to be a vanity publisher, and the jacket

says that all royalties from the book will go to the "The Daniel

Wolf Memorial Foundation for the Children, Inc." The author hints

that he is dying and that he has nothing much left to live for

anyway. So why doesn't he just come out with it? Why this


Here are the goals of the book, as stated in the introduction:

The "Catchers of Heaven: A Trilogy" is not a long title

for a three-volume history of mankind and his place in

the universe; a history of time in the universe; the

natural laws and forces of the universe; an argument

against the Big Bang Theory of creation of the universe;

and an argument for a new Grand Unified Theory (GUT) of

everything in the universe.

This work describes the neighbors in the universe that

have come to visit man and how they are able to get here

- the nearest neighbor being thirty to thirty-two light

years away; and why some of these neighbors chose to

come to this planet (specifically those who have an

interest, vested or invested, and those who are only

tourists passing through).

This is an attempt to shed light on the human equation,

what it means to lose a beloved wife and son; and,

finally, what is the answer to life?

Needless to say, the book doesn't quite live up to those ambitious

goals, but that is not to say it is worthless. As a novel or

philosophy book, some of it is quite intriguing and thoughtful --

far more so, at least, than the one-dimensional dreck of William

Cooper, "Val Valerian," "Dr." Frank Stranges and other pretending

insiders. At least this guy has a brain. His book is far more

compelling and readable, I think, than Strieber himself, whose work

I have never been able to grasp.

The many scientific catch words seem to be used appropriately,

although I wish the protagonist would go into some technical detail

on any of his supposed academic specialties. There are hints of

talented writing here and some real passion for philosophical

issues. Although this novel could use a lot of editing, the author

has a distinctive and sophisticated style which suggests to me that

he has written novels before.

I searched for anything "new" regarding the government UFO cover-up

(or folklore thereof) and didn't find much that hasn't been

published before. Everything the book has to say about aliens and

government programs could fit in a dozen pages, not the 402 alloted.

A sample (page 280):

At the meeting, I stood stiffly at the head of a long,

oak table. The heads of the support teams sat wordlessly

reading the contents of the prepared briefing manuals,

the selected briefing papers bound as Assessments. There

was much to read; I felt increasingly the pressure of


"Ladies and gentlemen, if I may interrupt for a moment,

I'd like to take you first to the section entitled, 'The

Fire-Fight,' when one EBE was killed by a gunshot, a

sloppy misunderstanding by the colonel in charge of

guarding the so-called aliens, while there was a

demonstration of a small anti-matter reactor."

Colonel Etienne DuPont of the French Secret Service

raised his hand for a question. I had wanted to get this

awful part of the presentation over with as soon as was

possible, with no questions taken until the end. He was

a young-looking man of forty, apparently a little

apprehensive about a suggested engagement with aliens. I

nodded and asked what it was he wanted to know.

"Sir, did you say an alien was _killed_?"

I tried to smile, but could not. "I'll answer this, but

your briefing documents cover everything, and I would

appreciate any questions to be voiced after the

presentation, as well as after your perusal of all the

documents. As to your question, Colonel, yes, one alien

was killed. It was a power-play on the part of our

so-called elite military personnel and guards. There

were two scientists present and the EBEs, specifically,

the Reticulian Four entities, were demonstrating the 100

percent power-producing annihilation reaction in a

relatively small anti-matter reactor, using a

super-heavy element, bombarding it with protons.

"You must remember that our nuclear bombs, both fission

and fusion, do not yield anything near 100 percent

energy, so the power being demonstrated was almost

unthinkable to the two scientists observing the

demonstration," I told them.

"The one Ret. Four - for short; you also see them

designated as the 'Greys' - was doing the display and

asked first that all rifles and especially the bullets

in them be removed from the room, and I'm sure all here

could see the possible implication of a gunshot during

this display of enormous power. The - and I must stress

this again - so-called elite military guards refused,

and in the chaotic disorder and commotion that ensued,

one alien, the two scientists, and forty-one military

personnel were killed, simply because the colonel in

charge of security refused the Grey's request. This

occurred one May, nineteen hundred seventy-five, in


So, the question is, Was this book written by someone with "inside

knowledge" of a government E.T. program? I can't say. Even if

true, a "novelization" of the facts doesn't help much, since the key

to real research is being able to connect any given claim to our

existing base of knowledge. In ufology, anyone can claim anything

-- that they were abducted, that they worked for a nonexistent

government program, or even that they are aliens themselves. Because

of the "para-normal" nature of these claims, you can't prove that

any of them are false. All you can say is "I can't pursue that

right now." What distinguishes the more pursuable stories is the

presence of specific details that can realistically be connected to

the known world.

In spite of the many names it drops and the technical words it uses

competently, this book still lacks enough specific detail to let me

do anything with it. About the only way I can think of to

investigate this book is to check out the background of the author

himself. Of course, he insists in the book that the government can

completely wipe out the indentities of anyone it chooses, posing

obvious complications for any background check. There is also the

problem with "fictionalized" truth that you don't know what is

fiction and what is truth, so you don't know what to check. About

the only things stated as fact are on the book jacket, namely that

he is "Dr." Wolf of the "New England Institute for Advanced

Research" and that proceeds from the book will be given to "The

Daniel Wolf Memorial Foundation for the Children, Inc.," which must

have been registered with a state to get that "Inc." designation.

Alas, the lack of specific claims in the book doesn't give me the

motivation to look into it right now. I cannot say that I have

figured this book out, but I'm more inclined to let things "sift"

than to actively pursue it myself. With other investigations

competing for attention, I'd rate this as a low priority.

I don't carry this book in my own line of catalog items, because I

sell only products I would personally recommend to my friends, and I

still haven't decided about this one.


Fonte: Area 51 Mailing List Digest v096.n017, 21.10.96. Messaggio di Tom Mahood.


I finally had a chance to go through "The Catchers of Heaven" by Dr.

(allegedly) Michael Wolf. I can't recall when I've read a more bizarre

book. It's a rambling stream of (un)consciousness that manages to be very

articulate and incoherent at the same time. Just part of the fun is that he

seems incapable of using only a single title for a chapter. Some chapters

have 8 (!!) titles. Imagine the worst piece of New Age garbage you've ever

read, then square the effect.

This thing is supposedly a fictionalized account of the author's life.

While in college, he was recruited by the "Company" (i.e., the CIA) where he

earned extra book money by acting as an occasional courier to Europe. While

keeping his affiliation with the CIA (and eventually the NSA) he completed

medical school and became a Neurologist. But that wasn't enough for our

humble author. He continued his schooling (he never says where) and

obtained a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics. I was looking to see if he also

headed up a rock band, in which case we would be dealing with Buckaroo

Banzai! Do you get the idea that maybe the guy is some sort of genius?

Ahhh, THAT'S the point!

So where are the aliens and what does this have to do with Area 51?

Unfortunately, not much. About two thirds to three quarters of the book are

spent with the author whining about his dead wife and son, who were killed

in a car accident while he happened to be driving. He escaped with a two

week coma. (I speculate they deliberately yanked the wheel to end their

misery of being related to this clown!) To hear him describe his

beyond-perfect family life (at least until kills them mercifully off) makes

"Leave it to Beaver" look like the Manson Family. Oh yeah, then there's the

non-sexual, semi-homosexual relationship he enters into with his son's best

friend, after his son's death. I can't begin to explain all THAT to you.....

However, every so often, his medication must have kicked in and there are a

few coherent pages about aliens. Not many, but a few. He does mention S-4

and the mode of operation of the discs, but in a very odd way. While he

does mention a few of the elements of the Lazar story, in no instance does

he add anything at all beyond what is already public knowledge. Everything

is EXACTLY as Lazar described, and nothing beyond. He even precisely

repeats some of Lazar's terminology, to the point it's all very suspicious.

I'd expect a few differences in viewpoint or terminology from someone who

had been in the program for many years. I should point out he makes only a

few mentions of things that Lazar has told of. Lazar's is a far richer

tale. But in no case does he mention anything Lazar didn't see or was told.

Also, curiously, he NEVER mentions Bob Lazar. Odd, since he's telling the

same story.

The same occurs with his mention of his activities under the MJ-12 group.

All the references he makes and terminology he uses is straight out of the

MJ-12 papers, which if valid, are over 40 years old. It doesn't seem likely

that the organization or names of groups would remain the same after the

amount of public disclosure that has occurred.

And author Wolf seems to have a liking for the movies, beyond his already

mentioned "Buckaroo Banzai" status. At one point, he is appalled to

discover the presence of autopsy tables in alien receiving areas having tie

down straps. He realizes you only need straps if what you're slicing an'

dicing is still wigglin'. Anyone remember that same scene out of the movie

"Starman"? Later in the book he remarks, " Humans are at their best when

things are at their worst", a line ripped off directly from "Starman".

A final curiosity for your consideration. The author claims to be terminal

with colon cancer that has already metastasized to his hip. That actually

is a pretty nasty situation and at that point you are pretty close to

headin' into the light. However the book was first printed in 1993, and

printed and copyrighted again in 1996. It would seem this guy is lingering

around a record amount of time for someone in his condition.

Bottom line: This guy (whoever the Hell he is) tells us nothing new at all.

If anything, the wild manner in which this is written lessens what little

credibility the topics he touches upon might have already had. This book is

a major waste of time to read and a waste of money to buy. I cannot begin

to explain why this book was even printed. Aside from that, it was great!



Fonte: mail di Dave Vetterick, 26.1.2000


[This is to comment on] Dr. Boylan reports on the contents of the book,

which I found very interesting and exciting.

However, before getting further into it, I thought I'd check with

well known author on Roswell and MJ-12, Stanton Friedman. His reply to

me follows.

Any response regarding Mr. Friedman's comments should be directed to him

and/or this list, and NOT me.

Dave Vetterick

========================(Begin Response Here)===========================

July 28, 1997

Dear David;

Richard Boylan seems to believe everything without checking anything. As

usual, he is off the wall. I did a lot of checking on Michael Wolf who had

claimed a Theoretical Physics from MIT, and an MD from McGill

University; an unusual combination indeed if true. It isn't. I asked Mr.

Courant, who had interviewed Michael Wolf (in the UK UFO Magazine) for his

Thesis advisorÌs name at MIT. Michael (with whom I spoke several times

several years ago) refused to give me the name on the basis that the

advisor still did classified work, and couldn't have his identity

revealed. Michael would give it when I wrote about my supposed black

budget work on Nuclear rockets.

Obviously, every thesis has an advisor's name on it. I, never worked on

any black budget programs. I HAVE written about nuclear rockets. I checked

MITÌs registrar, alumni, Physics Dept., and no one had ever heard of

Michael Wolf Kruffaut, nor had McGill University. He did join the NY

Academy of Sciences. However, anybody can if theyÌre willing to lie about

their credentials and pay the annual fee, which he did. The same goes for

The American Association for the Advancement of Science. Both were joined

in the 1990Ìs. It seems strange for such a "prominentÓ scientist not to

have joined these many years ago.

An Internet search by another researcher turned up more info from his

relatives. Michael was never married, and didn't have any children, even

though he tells a sad tale of an accident that killed his wife and child.

He also spent time in a mental hospital. His residence address is the same

as the New England Research Institute, a non real outfit.

Wolf's book is total science fiction. There is no Element 115, and LazarÌs

scheme won't work.

In short then, Michael is one of many frauds in ufology, like Robert Scott

Lazar, William Spaulding, etc., ad nausea.

Most Cordially,

Stan Friedman


Fonte: mail di "Marge Haller" (Marjorie Haller) del 15.8.97.


Michael Wolf's book, The Catcher's of Heaven, is one of the best books

that have read in a long time. It is not just a book about UFOs. It is

a book on love, courage, peace, and hope. It is a book about the

interconnectedness of UFOs and ETs to our everyday lives. It is a book

about how science and spirituality are interconnected. It is a book

about us taking responsibility for the care of our own planet. Through

the book, hope is given to the children of the world. The proceeds of

the book goes to a children's foundation and Dr. Wolf does not receive a

penny from the proceeds of the book.

I have had the privilege of visiting with Dr. Wolf at his home and I

have seen his degrees. So, I can honestly say for a fact that Dr. Wolf

did attend both McGill University and MIT. Perhaps, if Mr. Friedman

would take the time to spell Dr/ Wolf's name correctly, his

investigation of determining whether or not Michael went to these

schools would be more successful. Dr/ Wolf has always used his real

name all his life. HOwever, when he wrote The Catchers of Heaven, he

dropped his last name and retained his middle name. This was done so

that Dr. Wolf's family would be protected from any unwanted intrusions

on their privacy. I also had the privilege of see pictures of Dr.

Wolf's wife and son and as the old adage goes: Pictures speak louder

than words. Furthermore, Mr. Friedman only has a Master's degree in

Physics where Dr. Wolf has his Ph.D. in Physics. Hence, if I would

depend on anyone's research capabilities, I would have to depend on Dr.

Wolf's knowledge and research.

Mr. Friedman's investigation is questionable in that he says he found

some of his information from another Internet researcher. If he did

that, then, I would like to know where the web site is that he got his

information from. If the information is accurate, then he should not be

afraid to give this site out. HOwever, I think that Mr. Friedman did

more than get his information from another Internet researcher. Various

members of Dr. Wolf's family were called by Charles Wright, who is one

of Mr. Friedman's associates. I know this to be true because I was with

Dr. Wolf, in his home, when he received a call from his brother who had

received a call from Mr. Wright. Dr. Wolf's sister, who separated

herself from MIchael, had received another call. So, while Dr. Wolf's

sister was critical of Michael, his brother was very supportive of him

because Michael and his brother have witnessed some of Michael's

experiences with UFOs. There is a ten year age difference between Dr.

Wolf and his sister, so that his sister was not even born when Michael

started to have his experiences and therefore would know nothing about

them. Furthermore, James Courant called Dr. Wolf's brother who told him

that Michael's sister has mental problems and told lies about MIchael.

At Roswell, in July, Mr. Friedman quoted the negative statements of Dr.

Wolf's sister and did not even mention the supportive statements of

Michael's brother. On top of that, in quoting Michael's sister as a

source for information, then his source becomes questionable at best.

What is Mr. Friedman trying to hide when he withholds information and

will not give both sides of the picture? If the public is to be truly

educated, they have the right to all of the information and not just

half of it. The mark of a good investigator is to look at all sides of

the issue and this Mr. Friedman seems unwilling to do.

Concerning my own friendship with Dr. Wolf, I find him to be a warm,

kind, gentle, and loving person who has the courage to live what he

writes about in his book. Therefore, I would throw the statement of

Michael being in a mental hospital right out the window.

I would suggest to Mr. Friedman that he makes sure of where and how he

got his facts before he starts making statements about other people.

Dr. Wolf also has strong support from people like Bob Dean and Michael

Hesseman. I would further suggest that Mr. Friedman might want to read

The Catchers of Heaven before he makes any other statements about Dr.

Wolf. Furthermore, there are too many people out there who are too busy

criticizing others for no good reason. It is time that we start

supporting one another as we all have a piece of the truth. It is time

that we start helping each other to discover the truth about UFOs and

they are relating to us before it is too late. We can raise our

consciousness only by mutual support, love and understanding rather than

backbiting. It is time that we start practicing the love and the hope

that Dr. Wolf writes about in his book.


Fonte: lettera di R. Boylan a UFO Magazine, in difesa di Wolf, 28.1.98.


Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

2826 O Street, Suite 2

Sacramento, California 95816

January 22, 1998

Graham Birdsall, Editor

Letter To The Editor

UFO Magazine

United Kingdom

Dear Graham,

In the Nov.-Dec. Issue of UFO Magazine (UK), [p. 54],

debunking arguments by Stanton Friedman directed at Michael

Wolf, M.D., Ph.D., ScD, J.D. appeared in a sidebar. Dr. Wolf

is a member of the scientists group within MJ-12, the UFO

information-control agency which is an unacknowledged

subcommittee of the U.S. White House's National Security


Dr. Wolf has gained broad notice within UFO

investigation circles for his UFO/ET disclosures in his

recent book, "The Catchers of Heaven" (Dorrance Publ., 1996;

ISBN# 0-8059-3907-5; U.S dealer: Mandala Books 1-(412)

422-6623). In Catchers, Dr. Wolf reveals that the U.S.

Government did retrieve two extraterrestrial spacecraft in

1947, one northwest of Roswell, and the other from west of

Socorro, New Mexico. Dr. Wolf acknowledged that in the

1950s, the U.S. government secretly entered into treaty

terms with the so-called Grey extraterrestrials from the

fourth planet of the star system Zeta Reticuli. The

Greys then shared certain of their technological advances

with military and government scientists, including Dr.

Wolf. While "inside", Dr. Wolf learned that certain

compartments within agencies were holding other captured

extraterrestrials as prisoners within secure underground

military/scientific installations in Nevada and New Mexico.

Wolf revealed considerable additional information gained in

his position inside the official government's UFO

cover-up organization.

I will be soon be submitting a full-length article

to UFO Magazine, detailing Dr. Wolf's startling revelations

since his book came out.

Stanton Friedman, with a master's in physics,

worked in Top Secret projects on classified nuclear-powered

spacecraft engines. Yet he publicly puts forth the

impression that he finds it inconceivable that Dr. Wolf, with

a doctorate in physics, could work in Above Top Secret

projects on extraterrestrial technology. Is this the same

Stanton Friedman who portrays himself as a crusader to pry

UFO secrets out of government agencies? Apparently when the

secrets do come out, Mr. Friedman doesn't want them, unless

he personally pried them out.

In December's UFO, Friedman attacks Dr. Wolf's

educational background and certain personal life details. It

is telling that Friedman does not attack the UFO disclosures

Dr. Wolf has made, but instead engages in personal attacks.

His simplistic arguments might not surprise if they came

from a debunker, but for government scientist-insider

Friedman, who has operated in a high-security environment,

his supposed naivete about National Security procedures

strains credulity.

For example, Friedman claims that it isn't true that

Dr. Wolf has a Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from MIT and MD

from McGill University. Friedman offers as "proof" Dr. Wolf's

refusal to identify his MIT dissertation advisor, because

that professor still does classified Star Wars research for

the Defense Department, and the dissertation is classified.

As a Top Secret-cleared insider, Friedman has to know that

disclosing classified projects and personnel is unlawful.

Friedman himself complies with this requirement in his own

denial statement in the same article, "I never worked on any

'black budget' programmes (sic)". Dr. Wolf knows that

Friedman did.

Friedman's only other "proof" was his flawed inquiry:

"I checked MIT's registrar, alumni, Physics Dept., and no one

had every heard of Michael Wolf Kruffaut." Of course not. Dr.

Wolf's family name was Kruvant, not "Kruffaut"! Later Michael

had his last name legally changed to his middle name, Wolf.

So he has some degrees in each name.

Furthermore, as fellow classified-projects worker

Friedman knows, Intelligence officials can arrange "erasure"

of documentary evidence like degrees of an individual like

Dr. Wolf with a super-sensitive assignment. Because Dr.

Wolf's medical school research at McGill University included

neurobiological techniques which were later employed by the

CIA to extract information out of Soviet defectors,

Intelligence officials instructed McGill not to acknowledge

Dr. Wolf's studies there. So, while Mr. Friedman found

nothing, it is an elementary rule of logic that you cannot

prove a negative. "Absence of evidence is not evidence of


Friedman does admit that Dr. Wolf is a member of

the New York Academy of Sciences and the American

Association for the Advancement of Science, but then

criticizes Wolf for joining in the current decade. Dr. Wolf

was deeply involved in most sensitive research in the 1970s

and 1980s: extraterrestrial communication, SDI projects,

cloning ET genetic material, etc. His NSC bosses would not

therefore permit him to maintain a high profile. No surprise

there. Friedman is quite familiar with many of the

restrictions of working in Top Secret projects. Why is he

trying to portray himself as some naive Boy Scout, unfamiliar

with national security measures?

The appalling level of Friedman's "investigation" is

revealed by his admission that he used as "proof" some

unnamed person's search of an Internet webpage. Quoting this

webpage's false information on Dr. Wolf, Friedman claims

that Dr. Wolf was never married, and never had any children.

Researcher James Courant talked to Dr. Wolf's brother, who

said that this information came from a mentally-disturbed

sister, who was turned against Michael's father and himself

by his mother, after the father and Michael left the home in

a bitter divorce. Who would know better than Dr. Wolf that

he was married, and that his wife was carrying their unborn

child, when she and their other son were involved in a fatal

car crash. Such insensitive pettiness. But there is more.

Friedman claims that Dr. Wolf "spent time in a

mental hospital." The clear intent of that statement is to

discredit him as mentally unstable. But the fact is that

medical doctor Wolf worked professionally as a physician in a

mental hospital at one time. Quite a different picture.

Grasping at straws, Friedman next falsely claims that

the New England Research Institute that Dr. Wolf is

affiliated with shares the same address as Wolf's residence.

The fact is that the Institute is located in Bloomfield,

Connecticut [U.S.]; whereas Dr. Wolf lives in a different


Friedman calls Dr. Wolf's book, The Catchers of

Heaven, "total science fiction". Many astute UFOlogists have

read Catchers, and quickly discerned the extensive and

detailed factual information contained in it, following a

pro-forma opening statement declaring it a work of "fiction",

as required by Wolf's National Security Council bosses to

provide plausible denial. Evidently, Friedman either didn't

"get it", or prefers the cheap shot.

Friedman's final debunkery-by-proclamation is:

"There is no 'Element 115' and [Robert] Lazar's scheme won't

work." Mr. Friedman fails to inform us of his tour of the

universe, wherein he catalogued all the elements. Nor can

Friedman have it both ways. If he truly has left the

classified world some years ago, as he claimed on the

Internet, how can he know what recent developments using ET

technological information have taken place? Numerous

researchers, including myself, have seen U.S.-manufactured

antigravity craft fly. Bob Lazar worked in super-classified

projects, as Dr. Wolf did, and like Wolf had his educational

history erased by Intelligence. Yet they missed a few

records, which diligent researchers have discovered and


Friedman's attempts to discredit Dr. Wolf and his

book hurt the nonprofit Daniel Wolf Foundation for children,

which Dr. Wolf ordered all royalties sent to. He doesn't

take a dime from his book.

Friedman likes to call other UFO researchers

"frauds". Unfortunately, it is Friedman who leaves the

reader gypped, serving up debunkery masquerading

as "UFO expose".

Sincerely, Richard Boylan, Ph.D.


Fonte: replica di Bill Hamilton su Michael Wolf, 30.7.97.


>Dr. Michael Wolf claims in the beginning of the book that it is only

>fiction. However, in reading the book and comparing it with other

>corroborative information about insider UFO matters. it is clear that

>he only claimed fiction in order to be able to state what he reveals


I have talked with Dr. Wolf several times as well as his brother once.

His sister denounces his claims; his brother supports them. A few

persons I have talked with have seen some documents supporting his

claims. He, himself, does not seem interested in proving this to

anyone. He is a very friendly fellow. Stanton Friedman has also

denounced his claims in what Dr. Wolf felt was a very rude way.

I like Dr. Wolf and find that I share some of his views. Both he and I

have something in common. We both attempting to signal UFOs with light

beam communicators when we were teenagers. His brother tells of a time

when they both saw a huge craft together when they were young.

Dr. Wolf claims he worked as lead of the Alphacom team for Majestic. The

Alphacom team act as interface communicators with the aliens. He has

grown fond of the aliens he has known and objects to those military

operations that are engaged in shooting down alien vehicles.

Of course, there is a wide range of opinion on those who have had

experiences with aliens on how much threat they pose to humans.

Usually this seems to vary with the type of aliens making contact.

Some seem benign and others seem malicious. Perhaps that is the

truth as it would be with your own experiences of various humans.

Dr. Wolf worked on the alien neurocybernetic interface to the alien

craft - the way they control the craft through brainwaves. Apparently we

can interfere with their control by beaming interference waves at their

craft and attempt to bring them down. The frequencies seem to be in the

microwave domain and are emitted by radar transmitters in the S-band. I

know that Wright-Patt AFB has attempted to produce an aviator's helmet

similar to the headband used by the aliens that would amplify and decode

a pilot's brainwaves when sending command signals to his aircraft.

Pilots need a lot of concentration and mental control to make this work

and we not seem to be as adept as the aliens in controlling our


I think Dr. Wolf has some interesting ideas to contribute to our

understanding of the alien mind. I am sure there are many more

"out there" who have had some experience that would give us

further insights.

Sincerely, Bill Hamilton

Note: It is well known to Project Aquarius that most ET's have Psionic

Powers (ability to mentally control surroundings, rearrange or create

matter and/or project illusions). Greys, Nordics, Oranges need a

special Psionic implant. Without the implant, they have no Psionic



Fonte: mail di Bruce Maccabee su UFOmind mailing list, 14.2.98.


I don't know anyone or know of anyone who can prove that his/her academic

records have actually been removed from class lists, registers, etc.

Note that institutes of higher learning always (?) provide the graduate

with a piece of paper (diploma) indicating the graduation. Hence any

person should, himself, have paper evidence of degrees obtained..

Comment: To truly erase all records, you need to go out and buy back each

yearbook, and to shut up all your classmates, teachers and even the pizza

delivery man who used to bring you food late at night. And yer landlord,etc.

It was on this score that Bob Lazar failed,.


[Via Insiders ufos list]

Date: Sat, 14 Feb 1998 00:37:10

From: Bruce Maccabee <> (by way of Erik Beckjord <>)

Subject: Maccabee sez: re "Dr" Wolf

>Now, there is a Dr.Michael Wolf who claims the same - "erased

>academic records".

>Says he worked for the NSC. (National Security Council?)

If I recall, wolf claims to have several Ph.D.'s, is a medical doctor,

neurophysiologist, or something like that and also, by the way, is an AF

colonel. Anyone who claims more than two degrees in academic subjects

should be viewed with suspicion unless he/she can prove it. As long as

Wolf's records are ostensibly missing...... he can claim anything! And

only a fool would believe him.


Fonte: mail di Richard Dillon su UFOmind, 28.8.97


To Whom It May Concern: Marge Haller has a Masters in Theology

and is a respected member of the UFO/ET Work Group, Pittsburgh.

Over the past three years since I met her, she has never told me

a lie. I produce a UFO ET news and investigation t.v. program on

local cable access in Pittsburgh, and read Dr. Wolf's book in the

Autumn of 1996. I interviewed him for two hours and broadcast the

program and will broadcast it again due to the fact that reality

is catching up to his, then, beyond belief disclosures. Dr. Boylan

checked out Dr. Wolf. It seems, initially, that investigators

have a difficult time with Wolf. And, then, as time goes by and

events materialize, he is corroborated. We who are closer to him

are well aware of his health problems and the hell he has been

through regarding the tragedy of his wife and child's deaths. It

is crazy and heartless to try and undermine this aspect of his

story. When James Courant informed me over Christmas 1996 that

I was being too hard on Dr. Wolf due to my own investigation of the

New York Academy of Sciences listing, I decided to wait and learn

more. When Ms. Haller returned from her visit and informed me that

she had seen with her own eyes the calligraphed diplomas from MIT

and McGill, I knew that my patience was justified. Truth is

ultimately a question of the heart. Dr. Wolf has approached

UFOlogy with heart. If you don't believe that he won degrees from

MIT and McGill you won't believe that he was a close personal

friend of Federico Fellini and appeared in one of the maestro's

movies either. Stanton Friedman! Check it out! Hah! Hah!


Fonte: intervista a Wolf di Marjorie Haller, postata in UFOmind il 14.11.97


I found the following interview with Michael Wolf while doing a search

for him on the Internet. The interview comes from the UK section of Hot

Gossip magazine and the interviewer is Georgina Bruni. Since this site

no longer seems to be in the search pages, I will type from the copy

that I printed out when I first found the interview.

Marge Haller



American born Dr.Michael Wolf, scientist and author of `Catchers of

Heaven' kindly gave me an interview which was much appreciated because

it required tremendous effort on his part as he is in great pain and

dying from a degenerating spinal condition.

His book is published as fiction because it was the only way he could get

a copyright, but he assures me that it is based on a great deal of fact

relating to the UFO and alien abduction phenomena. Dr. Wolf is no

ordinary witness, as Emeritus of The New England Institute for Advanced

Research, a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, and Patron

Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, he

has inside knowledge of the UFO and alien situation. This respected

scientist was an MD in neurology for 30 years and he also studied

pathology. During his carreer he was a consultant for the National

Security Council and had top secret clearance which took him to the

infamous Area 51 US base where he was a Team Leader on a scientific

project which involved `back engineering', copying or attempting to copy

alien technology.

Area 51 is a top secret base in the Nevada desert which is so secure

that not even the President of the United States is allowed access.

Ufologists have known about the base for several years due to engineer

Bob Lazar'a expose, whereby he publicly claimed he had seen alien

spacecraft and worked on `back engineering' whilst employed at the

base. But a couple of years ago it hit the headlines when the widow of

an ex worker tried to sue for the death of her husband, which, she

insisted, was the result of chemical poisoning obtained through his work

whilst employed at Area 51.

I asked Dr. Wolf if he could answer some questions and wanted to know

how much of his book was fact.

`I'll try to answer what I can. The `Catchers of Heaven' could not be

approved by the National Security Council for a copyright unless I wrote

it as `Fiction', yet only by reading itcan one read `between the lines'

if you will. Only the character's respective names have been changed,

but I do use my own name. There is very little fiction(if any)in the

book, fiction was the only way I could receive a copyright.

In an interview with James Courant, you mention an automobile accident

which occured on Christmas day 1984, d that your intelligence officer

informed you that your vehicle had been `fixed' in a deliberate act.

Can you offer more details on why this dreadful act was carried out, why

would they want to kill you at that time, and who are `they'?

`I was on an antiterrorism visit, by order of my superiors, to help

devise antiterrorism methods. I was warned that my work might lead to

retaliation, but I went ahead and still did what I had to do.

Unfortunattely, my wife and son and unborn child were killed as a bomb

had been planted in the rental car we had used to celebrate both my

son's birthday and my wife's and my anniversary.

I asked Dr. Wold if, during his time as Team Leader at Area 51, or

elsewhere, did he ever come in contact with any British scientists

working on secret projects.

`Yes, but I cannot discuss it'.

Dr. Wolf, I understand that you worked alongside the aliens. Can

youtell me more about them, how many different races did you come in

contact with, what was your honest opinion of them, and where did they

originate from? What was your first feeling when you met an alien?

`This will be addressed in the sequel to `The Catchers of Heaven, A

Trilogy'. It will be known as `The Bright White LIght Quartet'.

Dr. Wolf believes the US Government intends to inform the public about

the UFO and alien situation.

`I must explain here, that this Government(US)does want a `processed

release of UFO information, but you must know that the only way it will

happen, is the slow `bureaucratic way' things get done in Government'.

Dr. Wolf is in constant pain and is disabled with his illness. He

assures me he as tried to honestly answer some of my questions, some he

can't answer for national security reasons. All the royalties from Dr.

Wolf's book go to a non profit children's foundation."


Fonte: lettera aperta di Friedman, postata da Francisco Lopez in UFOmind l’1.2.98


[Moderator note: I have not verified the source of this letter. -GC]

From: Stanton T. Friedman <>

Open Letter:

Dr. Richard Boylan

Sacramento, CA

Ref: Letter Boylan to Birdsall 1/22/98 (A)

Rebuttal by Boylan Jan. 28, l998 (B)

Jan. 30, 1998

Dear Dr. Boylan:

I think it is time you stopped lying about me, defaming me and my

research, and spreading the wild fantasies of Michael Wolf Kruvant. I

suggest you do some research instead of blindly accepting fantastic

unsubstantiated nonsense. Let me be very specific. MWK has claimed to Dun

and Bradstreet that he has the following degrees MD, McGill U., l964; PhD,

MIT Theoretical Physics l968; PhD,Cal Tech (CIT) Computer Science & Theor.

Physics 1976; EDD, Cambridge l977, Educ.;Georgia Tech l978, Computer

science; l979, J.D., Georgetown U., Law. I take it you haven't noticed how

incredible it would be for one man to obtain all these degrees, and still

work for the NSC, how absurd to suggest that having a PhD from MIT, CIT

would have accepted him for another, that no papers have been published by

this brilliant scientist who somehow managed to avoid premed or any under

grad degrees before getting MD and PhD degrees, and who took only a year

to get his JD when Georgetown, which of course, has never heard of him

under either name , says it takes 3 years???. Further notice MWK claims

degrees from MIT and CIT in Physics. Bob Lazar also claimed this (only Ms

Not PhD). Clinton's law school was Georgetown.A little glamor by

association and can you top this? Not one single piece of documentation

has been provided for any of these. MIT and McGill and CIT all denied any

connection as did Georgetown and the NSC . MWK makes the same stupid

argument as Lazar that his records were wiped clean. I checked with the

Legal Affairs Director at MIT.. can't be done. Furthermore having

available a record of the fine achievements of even an MJ-12 Consultant

would in no way reveal his government activities and connections. The NSC

never heard of MWK and also couldn't see how to erase records or what

purpose it would serve. This is not for Lazar or MWK a secret Witness

program. MWK is in the phone book. MWK says he can't reveal his thesis

advisor at MIT. Hogwash. MIT insists that all Theses have the names of

Thesis advisors.. Interesting that Lazar uses the same false argument.

Named 2 profs that never taught at CIT or MIT... MWK claimed to DB that

the New England Inst. for Adv. Research employed 31 people at their

Hartford location, his small apartment. You claim that this "think tank"

is not at the same location, 30 Gillett St. in Hartford, CT, as as is

listed for MWK. WRONG. Call information at 860-555-1212. MWK and NEIAR are

both listed at the same address. An apartment bldg. with no other

"Organizations" than NEIAR. There are more than 12 other tenants. Call the

Reference Desk at the Hartford Library. The Kriss Kross Directory lists

MWK and NEIAR at the same address. 30 Gillett. Call the Secretary of

State of CT. , the Town Clerk of Hartford, The State Revenue Services

Office of CT. I did . There are no listings for NEIAR, or the Paragon

Foundation or the Daniel Wolf Foundation. No listings in Foundation

directories. These organizations exist as other than phone listings only

in the imagination of MWK. If they were real, they would be listed .They

have to withhold taxes, file reports, etc. ad nauseum. In (B) you state

you never claimed I had a TOP SECRET Clearance. WRONG. In (A) you state I

"worked in Top Secret Projects". Can't be done without a TS Clearance. I

never ever had one. I have not done classified work, because I haven't had

a clearance, for anyone.. industry, government, university or any body

else on or off Earth nor as self employed since 1970. You point out in (B)

one can't prove a negative, but you ask me to do so. I never had a

clearance above Q anywhere, any time for anybody. Stop lying.

Just how in the world would MWK know I worked on Black Budget Projects

(since I never did)? Or was he an expert on Nuclear propulsion systems,

which I just happen to mention in all my background sheets, resumes, CV

etc. I couldn't if they were Black. and he wouldn't have known about them.

But then there is no evidence he ever had a security clearance .I have

published articles about nuclear propulsion systems. I used a clip from

operation of a Nuclear Rocket in UFOs Are Real and on my CD ROM. My

nuclear propulsion work on nuclear aircraft, fission and fusion rockets

was NOT connected so far as I know with any black projects. Black projects


You make in (B) the absolutely absurd claim that one would need an

appropriate need to know and clearance to get access to MWK's Degrees.

This is pure horse manure. Ask MIT or any other University. I did. Yes, I

had conversations with MWK years ago. I did check directories for the APS

and other groups. He isn't listed. nor by the AMA. I didn't need to ask

him. More lies from you when you claim (B) that WWK's employment with

MJ-12 somehow puts restrictions on his being able to provide verification

of academic credentials. If Courant located an additional Masters Degree,

where is the verification? I will pay for the Xeroxing of all the diplomas

covers of theses, transcripts of academic records. There is certainly no

verification for any of the others. They are all fantasy. I feel sympathy

for this pathetic man dreaming in his apartment and dying of a fatal

disease.. for at least 6 years. He dreams of glories. They are all in his

head. I have no idea what you think there is to gain by touting a fantasy

prone non achiever. I repeat an earlier claim. Put up or shut up.

Disgusted in Fredericton,

Stanton T. Friedman


Fonte: mail di Glenn Campbell, 20.10.96.


[Earlier on this mailing list, Tom Mahood and myself each reviewed "The

Catcher's of Heaven", a novel purporting to be a "roman a clef" by

someone who worked on an an alien program for the government. We found

the book unsubstantial, full of lot of philosophical ramblings

interspersed with a straight, unattributed retelling of the Lazar story,

with little added. Since the book is classified as "fiction" to

begin with, there wasn't much to work with.

In a later message (in the digest preceding this one), I sent an email

to the contact for the "Daniel Wolf Memorial Foundation for Children,

Inc." asking for corporate information. According to the book jacket,

all proceeds from its publication go to this foundation. Following is

the reply I received. -- Glenn Campbell]


Fonte: mail di Michael Hockney sulla Skywatch mailing list, 18.2.97.


Greetings Everyone...

Where to begin? I may be kicking an old can here, but since I've read

this article in UFO MAGAZINE titled "Dr. Michael Wolf - Another Bob

Lazar?", I've had some questions.

This is the first time I've heard of Dr. Wolf. Has anyone else heard of

him? The article is interesting, the information is... interesting...

even the way the article is writen is... interesting. (Some of the

article reads like US Gov. declassified documents... heavily edited.

Here is some of the more interesting highlights..

Dr. Michael Wolf - M.D. in Neurology for 30 years, studied pathology

because he knew if he wanted to get anywhere and having access to

Assessments on EBEs he would need expertice for the US Governments

Exobiology programme.

Acknowledged to having two Ph.D.'s (Doctor of Science for one) and

Neurology. Claims his work in theoretical physics encompassed Wave

Partical Duality. His speciality is computer science, molecular

computing and organic chemical reactions capable of a billion

calculations per cycle.

-- spoke of reading "The Assessment" cited by Bob Dean, Wolf went on to

say "He is for real" (This being Bob Dean)

His work, credentials, expertise led him to Area 51 as a team leader for

the scientific aspects of what they were trying to do there- reverse


When asked to comment on Bob Lazar he said, "Bob Lazar has never changed

his story one iota..." (Personel note: What the hell does that mean?

Klass never changes his story but do we believe him? <g>) Wolf was asked

"Did you work with EBEs?" After a pause he replied, "Yes, I did. Bob

Lazar said he thought he saw a grey type alien out of the corner of his

eye working with scientists... well, I wasn't looking out of the corner

of my eye, I was looking straight forward." When asked how they

communicated with the aliens: "ESP And there was some effort to form

words... I mean, it's like going into the rain forest and discovering a

new tribe that has never had contact with the human race before."

Hmm... So that's why we call them aliens! Duh, and here I thought they

were of the Tazaday tribe... ( remember the lost tribe that was found

and later turned out to be a hoax?) Anyway, he continues "Their

cosmology, their principals, their culture is based on... is completely

and dynamically different then ours. You know, it's very difficult to

understand an alien when you say, ' I would like to have one of your

ships and sure enough, here it is you've got it!" (I am copying this as

I read it, there are jumps in the wording and the logic, I'm not

omitting anything in his quotes.)

Wolf is asked how long we've had the ships and how many.

"Well, I think we have 9 or more, not in working condition..." he never

did answer the first question.

I became very interested in this article whe he spoke of Roswell. He

remembers his father hearing Scuttlebutt to the effect of two ships

crashing into each other. When asked about suvivors: "Well, that

depends on whether it's the crash of what our government terms "Orange

type, Nordic type and Grey type." I think this was a crash of 6

fingered, 6 toes... and Polydactal by the way is a genetic defect, you

dont have 6 perefectly formed fingers on each hand because the genetic

defect would cause maybe stubs..." There is more but it is redundant.

When asked if there were survivors: "I believe there were 2 sets of

survivors. There were the orange, which were pink and brown colors -

which was an easy label to put on them - pink and brown make orange and

then of course the Greys, with four fingers and four digits. There were

2 Orange that I know of that where alive, except one died when he was

belted with a rifle handle because they were holding on to boxes that

turned out to be gifts..."


Dr. Wolf was invited to comment on Bob Deans claim to have seen the

Assessment labeled Cosmic Top Secret, and Wolf's claim was to have seen

the same document. "Well, you know that Cosmic is short for Umbra,

Ultra, Wintell or Winnitell... there are a number... Keystone documents,

both classified because the waythe information is gathered and Cosmic is

kind of a short term that characterizes an Ultra- Umbra classification

at the top. He goes on to mention a "Q-LEVEL SEVEN" classification

and then comes UMBRA, ULTRA and KEYSTONE.


The US Government has had relations(treaties) with them. "Was the

treaty just done with one group of aliens?" "NO, I think it was done

with several. I know the Nordics are pretty much involved with the

Greys. The only Grey's I have come in contact with have Dolphin-like

skin and personalities to match.... physical effects are just like the

dolphins, they want to be touched and cared about."

There is more to the article, on why he's now coming forward, to sum it

up, I quote, "There are 35-40,000 starving children a day dying on this

planet and there are a lot of Hollywood stars and a lot of other people

who are very, very concerned with what we are doing to this planet, and

what we're doing to the children who are the hope and future of the


"Which is why you're going public?"

"Which is why I'm going public... I've offered a good, well wrtien book,

a good book, and all the proceeds go to a children's charity, I'm not

making a nickel." (The Book is titled "The Catchers of Heaven")

This article is in UFO MAGAZINE and the interview was conducted by James

Courant, transcripted by Graham W. Birdsall.

** There was no intention to infringe on the copyrights of the magazine,

the author, Dr. Wolf or Mr.Birdsall... I was only sharing this in the

hope of trying to get a better understanding of what's really going on

out there.**

One final thought... It's sad that when people come forward with claims,

stories etc. of this nature that we must be cautious, carefully

scrutinize and be sceptics to a field we are constantly defending to

sceptics. Ironic. But sad. It's sad that when we finally get somewhere,

gain some ground, that 'fringy' people come out of the woodwork and

knock us back to where we started. With the photographic evidence, with

expert testimony and world wide, unified voices, we still are in a

constant battle for the truth, justice, acknowledgement. Thank god

victims of human crimes with all the same evidence can find justice and

closure. I just hope I live to see the day when we as UFOlogists and

researchers, believers and abductees can feel the same sence of closure.

Michael Hockney.


Fonte: mail di Charles Guzy su Ufomind Mailing List, 30.7.97.



Response to Web site attacking The Catchers of Heaven: A Trilogy, by

Dr. Michael Wolf

Bob Dean, Bill Hamilton, Jim Courant, Joe Dale, Michael Heseman, Chuck

Harder, UFO Magazine, Nexus Magazine, Michael Lindemann: what do all

these individuals have in common?: in one way or another, they have

supported, or promoted The Catchers. Bob Dean, the head of Stargate

International (use this phrase to find them on the Web), wrote a great

review of The Catchers in his most recent news letter. Bill

Hamiltion, prominent ufologist, responded to me in an e-mail, saying

"Michael is a friend". Jim Courant interviewed Dr. Wolf for a

terrific article that appeared in the January, 1997 issue of UFO

Magazine. Joe Dale is a radio talk show host, whose topics include

UFOs, and who supports The Catchers. Michael Hesemann is a German

National who produced the award-winning film, "Beyond Rosewell',

totally supports Wolf--go to Amazon on the Web, and look up Catchers

to see Hesemann's glowing review of this book. Chuck Harder is a

radio talk show host who has had Dr. Wolf on as ! a guest a few times.

Nexus Magazine will have a review of Catchers in their October, 97

issue. Michael Lindemann, ufologists, responded to me in an e-mail

that a close friend of his has seen Dr. Wolf face to face, and swears

that Dr. Wolf "is on the level".

One may ask, if so many prominent ufologists, and other credible

people have acclaimed The Catchers, then why is it being attacked?

Perhaps it is being attacked for the same reason Relativity was

attacked along with Einstein. During Einstein's early days, shortly

after his public announcement, there was a book published, " One

Hundred Scientists Against Einstein". Einstein commented that it

would have taken only one if they were right. They just didn't get it.

And look at the recent phenomenon of cold fusion: how many scientists

and loud disclaimers will owe apologies to Fleishman and Pons, once

the Japanese produce viable cold fusion cells? And how far behind

will the US be? This is the destructive power of ignorance.

The attackers fall into two categories: the ignorants, and the

debunkers. The ignorants can be forgiven their ignorance--if it is

kept in silence, and they spread not their confusion to others. And,

of course, the debunkers are pernicious: since it is their job to lie,

misinform, divide, and confuse.

But why would the ignorants go out of their way to spread negativity

about The Catchers? If they be not a debunker, then there is really

only one answer: they themselves are pressed to respond to the power

of the Catchers. If their dogma, stance, belief, etc is negated by

the Catchers, or another belief system is proposed, then they are

forced to reply. And fear causes the harshest responses of all. Just

look how frightened animals react.

This is how I personally respond to the attackers (my own review of

this book can be found on Amazon, and it also appears in Bob Dean's

Stargate news letter): Here, initiates, take my hand; I will show you

some marvels that you secretly yearn to know.

The Catchers is at once an open book, a secretive book, a complex

book, a simple book, an exciting book, an elegant book, a scientific

book, a spiritual book--it is all these, and more.

Open: in that many topics, and facts, heretofore sequestered away, are

freely admitted to and discussed (these include the cloning of a

human, the fact that AIDS was created in the US, exactly how much the

US govt. knows about UFOs--plenty, etc).

Secretive: in that he only hints at what else the govt. knows, yet is

still classified. Here we see that Wolf is yet loyal to the

government for which he worked.

Complex: in that a great many themes are ingeniously woven into the

fabric of a seemingly simple story, which largely follows a time

chronology of the author's life. Some examples are: how the body

politic, the US citizenry, has become complacent, and is purposely

kept in ignorance; how a power elite rule the world, especially

through the US; the power and importance of love, especially

unconditional love; what motivates ETS to come here; why Earth is now

at a crossroads; the potential of the human being--integrated into

what Wolf calls "the human equation"; the fact that their conveyances

(craft) are "living"; the importance of spirituality, especially for

the ETs, and why we have largely lost ours; why we must "remove the

halo from above the head of Science"; and about Hope and Love,

especially for the children; etc

Simple: in that Wolf basically is saying: "here is what I know, having

worked for the US government for the last twenty plus years, in the

capacity of the highest security clearances: The UFO topic is real,

and the government is lying to you. If we do not stop planet killing

we will perish. This is why some ETEs are here now, and in increasing

numbers. They want to help us into a brighter, more aware future: but

it requires YOU to become informed, and involved."

Exciting: in that we experience contact with ETs; conversations with

them (telepathically, of course); being abducted, and viewing the

inside of alien craft. We are introduced to some bizarre projects

that our government has, and what is planned; and we are introduced to

some rather bizarre concepts about alien technology (for one: they

interface mentally with their instruments and craft).

Elegant: In this case, it is best if Wolf speaks for himself. I quote

from the very beginning of the book: "What happens to the dreamscapes

of a man's own creation, of a man's own life? Mostly they are shut up

in a closet of fear, or embarrassment, of legal strictures, or

modesty. We are taught to abandon what is most dear, most important

to us, in order to communicate with other people! Man wasn't created

with a cookie-cutter, yet ëdeviation' from a hypothesized ënormal' way

of thinking is sniffed out like a terrified fox on the run"

Scientific: in that he introduces us to some amazing concepts: a new

theory (his) on wave/particle duality for light; new concepts for

computer: organic molecules used instead of silicone--these being less

expensive, and much faster; concept of time, Wolf calling it a force,

and time overlaps, and the twisting and bending of time; mental

telepathy experiments, the GATEWAY treatment, for higher mental powers

(since we only use 10-15% of our mental capacities); the enigma of

superposition of quantum physics; etc.

Spiritual: here, again, it is best to directly quote from Wolf: "As

the American Indians who have seen the crop circles have said, we are

not only killing this world, we are also losing the spiritual (and

philosophical ) parts that do therein reside in the very advanced

technologies that we seem to be worshiping. There seems to be just

enough religion on this planet to allow violence and death, but no

enough to inspire peace and love.

How terrible is wisdom when it brings no profit to the wise. The

flesh is weak; there is too much death endemic to this planet. Yet,

no one dies of a broken heart and no one seems to fathom, to

comprehend that death is safe.

And again, God sees, and waits...

Absence of activity is now not the case and may never have been.

I do not understand why bonded-to-earth thinkers find it so hard to

comprehend that interstellar, and even the larger intergalactic

conveyances, cannot be accepted as organic and alive, requiring only a

life form interface for guidance and instruction and perhaps what is

most often overlooked, affection. When a youngster builds a model

aircraft, he builds it with love. If it were alive, like a puppy,

he'd love it in his interfacing with it. This is not so difficult to

understand, if one opens his mind to new ideas and concepts." p 111

The aliens therefore have a spiritual connection with their

technology; in this example, with their conveyances, which are

described as living. (A movie comes to mind: "Herbie and the Love


But the most important thing for me to say is that it is the most

important book on the topic of UFOs, and the coming New Age of

Awareness and Expanded Consciousness.

Where are the 100 scientists against Einstein? Who remembers their

names? And if we do remember their names, or by chance they make it

into recorded history, it will most likely be by the grace of the one

name we know so well: Einstein.

Reader: decide for yourself: here lies the book of the future; it is

well worth a look into.

Sincerely, Charles Guzy

PS: if this missive is ever allowed onto the same Web page as the

attackers, then that will be a miracle.


Fonte: La Rete 187, 31.1.2000.


E mentre in Italia ne esce il libro, la mitica 'Lumieres dans la nuit', una delle piu' serie riviste di ufologia a livello mondiale, spara a zero su Michael Wolf. E lo fa, si badi bene, non con un articolo redazionale, ma pubblicando una lettera di contestazione di un generale francese - non nuovo ad interventi tecnici specializzati - che rileva ben 23 'castronerie' in un testo di Wolf, precedentemente pubblicato da Lumieres! Fra le molte, il pungente generale fa notare che nessuno degli scienziati di alto livello citati da Wolf lo conosce, che le rivelazioni circa armi SDI in India e Himalaia son tratte dal folklore sui 'Maestri del Mondo', che la storia degli aerei pilotati telepaticamente e' copiata dal film 'Firefox' con Clint Eastwood, che la diceria dell'AIDS come arma americana e' un falso acclarato creato dal KGB (vero: ne parla l'agente russo Oleg Gordievski nelle sue memorie); inoltre, che la storia di Wolf, come "ebreo mentalmente superdotato, consulente del Presidente in materia di ET" e' presa da 'Indipendence Day'; poi, contesta il fatto che - a detta di Wolf - l'Aurora dovrebbe sostituire la navetta spaziale Challenger ed ancora fa notare che Wolf, che sostiene di essere stato ufficiale pilota e chirurgo durante la guerra del Vietnam, all'epoca aveva fra i 25 ed i 30 anni, domandandosi dunque "quale scuola ufficiali possa averlo trasformato in cosi' breve tempo in un colonnello multifunzioni". La stroncatura di Wolf e' netta, sin troppo cattiva. Il generale francese arriva addirittura a chiedersi se questi sia un mitomane, un mistificatore o un debunkers. Siamo curiosi di sapere se vi sara' una replica di Wolf sulla rivista francese.

Fonte: Lumieres dans la nuit 9-99.


Fonte: mail di Paolo Bergia, RETE-UFO, 31.1.2000.


Ho iniziato a leggere "The Catchers of Heaven/Afferrando il cielo"

di Michael-signornessuno-WOLF.

Per me si tratta di una ""boiata pazzesca""...

A questo punto i casi sono due:o i miei genitori hanno sprecato

i loro soldi a farmi studiare e farmi prendere una laurea

oppure bisognerebbe fare causa all'Editore per tutti gli

alberi abbattutti per stampare quel libro...

E' un libro ILLEGGIBILE....

Paolo BERGIA, 31 gennaio 2000


Fonte: La Rete 188, 3.2.2000


In merito alla dissacrante lettera su Wolf, apparsa su ‘Lumieres dans la nuit’, Paola Harris ci scrive: "Scusate,

ma le generalizazioni non si dovrebbero accettare in maniera superficiale. C’e’ qualcuno che assume, tutto qui!

Il dr. Wolf era pilota perche’ l’universita’ americana prevede che si possa frequentare un corso che permette di

di uscire dall’universita’ con il grado di ufficiale; e’ come una doppia laurea. Il padre del dottor Wolf era

militare ed ha addestrato cosi’ suo figlio. Mi sorprendono questi stranieri che sanno tutto delle usanze

americane! I sei dottorati Wolf li ha presi con il Black Budgets Program; suo mentore e’ stato il capo della CIA

dell’epoca, che ha fatto incontrare quel giovane genio con Einstein, quando aveva dieci anni.

Tutto questo e’ stato verificato dal nipote dell’ormai defunto capo della CIA, che ha letto i diari del nonno e ha trovato il nome di Michael Wolf dappertutto. Ecco da dove sono usciti i dettagli recentemente pubblicati dal dottor Richard Boylan sul suo sito.

Il libro di Wolf va letto da persone che sanno collegare i puntini. Esso e’ un capolavoro di letteratura ma pure di divulgazione "between the lines". Paola Harris.





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