Dopo Monselice, gli UFO rettangolari si vedono anche in Giordania e in Porto Rico… (Spielberg fu profeta, con il suo "A.I.")

Da UFO Roundup January 8, 2002


On Monday, December 31, 2001, at 8 p.m., a rectangular UFO flew over Amman, the capital of Jordan, and was seen by hundreds of residents.

The UFO, described as "a self-luminous rectangular object," first appeared over the Jorm district of the city. It flew in a southwesterly direction across Ameena Bint Wahab Street and over the top of the Jebel al-Hussein (hill). After passing over the Jebel al-Weibdeh (hill), the UFO "emitted a bright flashing light."

As it flew over the Weibdeh section or west end of the city, the UFO was seen by hundreds of residents. Many Jordanians voiced the opinion that the object was "a satellite," while others claimed it was "an alien starship."

The UFO was also seen by residents of the Shmeisani section. Police stations at Abdali and Wadi Abdoun were flooded with telephone calls reporting the UFO's flyover.

A spokesman for the Royal Jordanian Air Force was quoted as saying the light may have been caused "by a laser or a firework launched to celebrate the New Year."

According to ufologist Abu Zidallah, Jordanian UFO groups are very much excited by the sighting in Amman and plan to talk to witnesses. (See the Jordanian newspaper Al-Dastur and Agence France Presse for January 1, 2002. Many thanks to Ayesha al-Khatabi for forwarding this story.)

(Editor's Note: Two millenia ago, Amman was known as Philadelphia to the Romans. Yes, that's the same Philadelphia that's in Acts of the Apostles. The Roman ruins are in the east end of the city and include the Amphitheatre, built by Emperor Antoninus Pius in 150 A.D., the Odeon, the Forum and the Temple of Hercules.)


Da UFO Roundup January 15, 2002



A UFO, described by witnesses as "square-shaped" or "oval," was sighted over the Summit Hills section of San Juan, the capital of Puerto Rico, on Friday, January 4, 2002 at 2:30 a.m.

The flyover was witnessed by two residents of Summit Hills--Magdalena Gotay, who was standing on the staircase of her house, and Dr. Carlos Fernandez, who was standing in the street in front of his home. Sra. Gotay described the UFO as "a square" while Dr. Fernandez described it as "oval."

Both described the night sky above San Juan as "clear, cloudless, with good visibility." The UFO, they said, "had yellowish lights surrounding it, but the lights did not cast any lights, nor did they light up the (immediate) area. The object appeared to be made of a flat dark gray metallic substance."

The witnesses said the UFO was "three times the size of an airliner if the airliner were traveling at the same altitude (height) as the object, some 2,000 feet (600 meters) up. It was moving from north to south diagonally and zigzagging up and down. They say that when it was over the mogote (karst hill--J.T.) located behind the Borinquen Towers apartment building," it began "heading southeast, passing directly over their heads. It hid behind a cloud after some seven to ten minutes and was not seen again. Its speed was very slow, slower than an airliner."

Both Sra. Gotay and Dr. Hernandez detected "an acrid, sulfur-like odor as it flew overhead."

"Magdalena Gotay awoke the next morning with a strong headache. She does not know if was related to the sighting." (Muchas gracias a Scott Corrales y Lucy Guzman para eso caso.)