We, the Sirius U F O Space Sciences Research Center, have previously forwarded our report on the unidentified objects seen over Adýyaman, Turkey on January 26-27 and filmed by police cameras. Upon certain speculations flowing around asserting that the mentioned objects were earthquake lights, we felt the need to bring some facts into light.

First, Turkey, in general, is located in the first-degree earthquake zone unfortunately. Seismic activities are recorded in many regions of Turkey almost everyday. However, we repeat that the lights observed in Adýyaman skies CANNOT be earthquake lights or any other or any other kind of a plasma formation created by a certain ionized electricity-charged particles. If they were, it would have been impossible for them to stay in the sky for 5-6 hours; they would have been rapidly dragged into the magnetic field of earth and then disappear. There is not a single sample of this kind of an event in world chronicles, in which the earthquake lights are recorded this long (5-6 hours). Also, there are 5 of these objects; 2-3 of which were observed and filmed simultaneously, which is also not very usual and contradict with the above earthquake-light explanation.

Secondly, mysterious lights are being observed in Adýyaman skies time to time –the most recent events are those occurred in June 2001 and Jan 26-27-, but fortunately there have been no earthquakes in the region for many years, despite some small seismic activities which also happens every day nationwide in Turkey. If they were indeed earthquake lights, how come we don't see similar lights over other regions?

Thirdly, the National Observatory is an official institution. It would certainly participate in the research studies, but it usually gives limited information and make routine comments on these kinds of events. In addition, as in every country around the world, there is an official cover-up of UFO incidents in Turkey. Thus, the official institutions, many times give unreliable and unjustified statements on UFO events, to cover up the incident and misinform the public. Moreover, no statement has yet come from neither the National Observatory nor the other official institutions to which the video film was sent, such as TUBITAK, The Meteorology Directorate, etc…

However, certain conservative circles, who lack sufficient knowledge on the subject, mislead the public via making some erroneous comments on the incident without conducting in-depth research, instead of giving information. These circles also claim that the Crop Circles, which are quite complicated and gigantic figures ranging from 45 to 260 meters in diameter, covering up to 10,000 square meters of cropland and appearing suddenly in a night, are a natural phenomenon! These kinds of statements made by groups, who has no inside to the subject, arises doubts that these groups are making these kinds of comments on purpose to mislead the public..

As a result, the mysterious objects in Adiyaman are proved to be in no means an atmospheric or natural phenomenon, an optical air happening, as it was previously explained in detail (below) in our analysis report:


Dear colleagues and friends,

As you may know, an important UFO incident has occurred in Adýyaman, Turkey on the nights of January 26-27. At around 11.00 pm on the night of January 26, the General Directorate of Police in Adýyaman received a phone call informing that a brilliant flying object was observed at the eastern side of the city. The Police called the patrolman on duty at Adýyaman-Kahta highway at the eastern side of the city by radio, who also confirmed sighting of the brilliant object flying in the sky. The Chief of Police was immediately notified of this extraordinary event and a police team was sent to the area. The police officers, equipped with night cameras, spotted the brilliant object, which was observed to be rotating around its own axis and spreading out colorful lights, and managed to film the object for around 5 hours.

The following night, at around 2.15 am, this time two flying objects similar to the one sighted the day before was observed in the skies of Adýyaman; at the western side of the city. The objects were also detected and filmed by the watch guard of the Security Directorate between 2.29 am-3.00 am uninterruptedly, from the roof of the Police building.

Upon this remarkable incident occurred on two successive nights, the Chairman of Sirius U F O Space Sciences Research Center, Haktan Akdogan talked with the Governor of Adýyaman Halil Isýk on phone and received detailed information about the incident. According to the information given by Governor Isýk, a total of 5 unidentified objects were observed in the skies of Adýyaman on the mentioned date between 23.00 pm-5.20 am; 2 over Kahta and Samsat districts and 3 over Besni and Golbasý districts. Isýk strongly stressed that over 20 police officers and hundreds of civilians eye witnessed this incident.

The mentioned film has been sent to Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center at the first stage, before other official authorities on the subject such as the Ministry of Interior, Turkish Science Research Institution TUBITAK, the General Directorate of Meteorology, etc…The video film of these unidentified flying objects observed in Adýyaman skies has been analyzed in detail by our Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center and the results has been disclosed to and published and broadcasted by the national press.

The results of this analysis is summarized as follows:

-First, the configuration of the sky and the position of the planets and stars on the date of the incident has been examined and it has been determined that there were no bright stars or planets such as Venus at the mentioned position and angle at between 23.00 pm-05.20 am, on the nights of January 26-27, on which these glowing objects were observed. So the observations cannot be related to an appearance of Venus or any other planet or star.

-Not only one, but 5 objects are viewed in video images, which are glowing, moving and much more brighter than any star. At close-ups, one can see that objects are rotating around their own axis.

-When the video images were enlarged by computer at special assembly studios, it was observed that the objects were scattering around lights in various colors.

-The brightness and proximity of the objects reveal that these objects were inside the atmosphere and were moving. The light beams spread out by the UFOs have been measured by spectral photometer, which also confirmed that the objects were in motion.

-It was also found out that the objects stood stationary time to time and hovered in the sky and then started moving again, which challenges the laws of gravity. In contrary to aircraft and similar aerial devices, these glowing objects do not make any sound and exhibit an advanced technology, which does not seem to be worldly.

-The characteristics of the objects mentioned above do not fit any category of conventional aerial devices like satellite, aircraft, helicopter, air balloon or meteor

-The features of these objects clearly show that the objects are in no means an atmospheric or natural phenomenon. Likewise, they are not an optical air happening or a reflection of Iridium satellite.

-Again, the results of analysis reveal that these objects cannot be a fireball, an earthquake glow, or any other kind of a plasma formation created by a certain ionized electricity-charged particles. If they were, it would have been impossible for these objects to hover in the sky for 5-6 hours and then start moving again; they would have been rapidly dragged into the magnetic field of earth and then disappear.

-The objects appeared sometimes in groups of two and sometimes in groups of three. They were observed by hundreds of civilian and official witnesses for about 5-6 hours and were filmed by 20 policemen with night cameras.

-A similar event had occurred near Tut district of Adýyaman on June 7, 2001. A group of gendarme patrols and temporary rural guards on duty near Dandýrmaz village in Tut district of Adýyaman had seen a "round, glowing object that took off from the ground". The group, consisting of 3 guards and 7 gendarme, had stated in their official testimonies that, "The object resembling a large tray was glowing in the sky. It was as big as a house. It was emitting red and yellow lights through its window openings. The bottommost part of the object resembled a saucer. The upper part was stationary, yet the bottom was spinning. After a while, it flew towards Ulubat Mountain and disappeared." This is a very clear UFO definition, which is quite common in world UFO chronicles. Meanwhile, giving a statement on the incident occurred on the nights of January 26-27, the Governor of Adýyaman, Halil Isýk noted that the unidentified objects that had been observed by rural guards and soldiers in the skies of Tut district seven months ago were strikingly similar to the ones recently filmed. This statement made by the Governor, who is the highest authority in the city and who knows well about both the region and the details of the incident, leaves no doubt about the validity and the significance of the incident and strongly support the opinion that these objects were indeed UFOs.

Conclusion: As a result of our analysis, we, as Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center, have concluded that these objects, which possess the above characteristics and maneuver in the sky with challenging all the rules of physics, are definitely UFOs under the control of intelligent beings.

The mentioned video film will be displayed by the Chairman of Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center, Haktan Akdogan in his presentation at the 11th International UFO Congress, which is to be held in Laughlin, Nevada on between March 3-9, 2002. Those who are interested may also view the video at the web site of Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center that will be on service by the end of March 2002:

Best regards,

Haktan Akdogan


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