Turkish UFO Flap Disputes Anomalous Luminous Phenomena

The Electric Warrior : Weblog February 3, 2002

Turkish UFO Flap Disputes Anomalous Luminous Phenomena
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image" UFO Footage, Adiyaman, Turkey

(The Electric Warrior) Two Turkish UFO research groups disagree
about the explanation for mysterious lights seen over Adýyaman,
Turkey, on January 26-27, 2002. The Anomalous Luminous
Phenomena (ALP) were reportedly captured on camera by local
law enforcement, and observed by civilian eyewitnesses. The
scientifically observable phenomenon known as earthquake lights
was floated as a possible explanation. That explanation was
rejected by a second group of researchers, who say a similar
occurence in June of last year involved the sighting of a classic
saucer-shaped UFO.

Analysis Results of an Important UFO Case in Adýyaman, Turkey

(Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center) An important UFO
incident has occurred in Adýyaman, Turkey on the nights of
January 26-27. At around 11.00 pm on the night of January 26,
the General Directorate of Police in Adýyaman received a phone
call informing that a brilliant flying object was observed at the
eastern side of the city...According to the information given by
Governor [Mayor] Isýk, a total of 5 unidentified objects were
observed in the skies of Adýyaman...Isýk strongly stressed that
over 20 police officers and hundreds of civilians eye witnessed
this incident...Not only one, but 5 objects are viewed in video
images, which are glowing, moving and much more brighter than
any star. At close-ups, one can see that objects are rotating
around their own axis...we, as Sirius UFO Space Sciences
Research Center, have concluded that these objects, which
possess the above characteristics and maneuver in the sky with
challenging all the rules of physics, are definitely UFOs under the
control of intelligent beings.

01-Feb-02 The Secret Of Mysterious Lights is Being Solved

(Turkey UFO & Paranormal Events Research Org) The lights
which are described as ufo by many people, had caused a panic
around Adiyaman. The Lights which are supposed as aliens/UFOs
by some new age groups, also had recorded by police cameras.
The scientific studies indicated that, some similar events had
experienced in this region and all of them had the same
characteristics...All The regions that the lights are observed,
originated from the active fault line...It is proved that the lights
which were thought as Jupiter before, are earthquake lights (ALP)
by scientific values...The traffic police who were on duty during
that time on this region were also confirmed those lights on
Adiyaman-Kahta way by cable. They reported that securty
region police were sent to this region immediately and those
star shaped lighted objects scattering lights , and rotating on
their axis, and were cought by the night vison police camera
(6 hours!)

Re: The Secret of Mysterious Lights in Adýyaman is Being Solved

(Sirius UFO Space Sciences Research Center) Upon certain
speculations flowing around asserting that the mentioned objects
were earthquake lights, we felt the need to bring some facts into
light...we repeat that the lights observed in Adýyaman skies
CANNOT be earthquake lights or any other or any other kind of a
plasma formation created by a certain ionized electricity-charged
particles...There is not a single sample of this kind of an event in
world chronicles, in which the earthquake lights are recorded this
long (5-6 hours)...as in every country around the world, there is
an official cover-up of UFO incidents in Turkey. Thus, the official
institutions, many times give unreliable and unjustified statements
on UFO events, to cover up the incident and misinform the public...
As a result, the mysterious objects in Adiyaman are proved to be
in no means an atmospheric or natural phenomenon.

11-Jan-02 Earth Lights, Ball Lightning, and ALP Research

(Mysterylights.com) In general, we refer to the various forms of
mystery light covered by this site as "ALP" or "Anomalous Luminous
Phenomena"...The field of ALP research is fairly diverse, and is
steeped in folklore and history. Word-of-mouth when it comes to
unexplained lights is not all that strong, and so the various synonyms,
misinterpretations, and fuzzy nature of the field have made analysis
of historical records and folk anecdotes difficult.