Are you ready?”: so  he/she quotes the publicity of one of the societies leader in the market of the routers. “But ready to what?”, ready to the new technologies, to the globalization, to a new standard of life of life: to converse with the whole world in a way all new. Already, because the future that appears us is without some doubtful tecnologico.Ma if Internet has been successful so and, a motive there is: it is colored, rich of options, amusing, easy, it has an inside logic that has the tendency to resolve the problems without the most experienced netsurfer doesn't even realize of it. And despite his/her great potentialities, many remain with calm in the routs teachers delineated by the portals of greater relief, losing a true infinity of occasions (it is calculated that they are only today more than 5 million the firms connected to the net in Italy). Often, in fact, words are crossed that are not known or that you/they are misunderstood because of a literal translation. In this sense Internet it has indeed two souls: mass-average that unifies the world with his/her universal language, and, contemporarily, average that selects for his/her innumerable neologisms. But the charm and the true potentiality of the web are measured them really estranging himself/herself/itself from the most beaten streets, arriving in the niches, where they have nested the most unbelievable opportunities. An example of this is the test served as a known French newspaper: you/he/she has put entirely a girl in an empty house if not for the computer connected to the net. Four days after the house you/he/she had changed completely aspect: everything worth of that that through the showcase of Internet the girl had succeeded to comprare.Ma everything this you/he/she is not enough for the sceptics, to those people that don't want of Internet and of the new applianceses of it really to know. They are convinced that the development of these new technologies involves an excessive quantity of information that could infuse more and more a dangerous sense of omnipotence and stimuli an amoral society in how much deprived of contacts umani.Certo is that, parallelly, digital euphoria is turned for many into a real baptized phobia “Early Adopter Syndrome”, or more simply tecnodipendenza: immediately to buy, at the cost of whatever sacrifice, to be to the state-of-the-art one. You Internet Addiction is more and more a diffused pathology, but, nevertheless, it is a mental state stimulated more and more decidedly by the numerous firms on-line.E, meanwhile, the consumers away from the cabled Milan wait with anxiety the total substitution of the telephone lines for the new technologies optical and wireless, for a connection fast able to correspond to the demands of the navigator. A navigator that, you/he/she must be remembered, it is indistinct: from the broker to the housewife, from the haker to the business operator. In short the people of Internet is certainly vast, and with the time he is certain that it will increase, up to, as someone thinks, to be the private only mean of communication and pubblico.E if for the time being the web you/he/she has not replaced the dear old TV yet, in how much the evolution of the new operational systems has brought with itself a series of non indifferent problems that you/they not only concern the structure of Internet as the new bugses, but also phenomenons of mass like the pedofilis in the chat-lines, the more optimists are convinced that the technological progress will continue its ascent in order to the problems that any novelties comporta.