Welcome to the RISC OS abc MIDI page.

I've made a port of some abc apps by James Allwright. Abc notation is a simple but powerful ASCII musical notation format. Devised by Chris Walshaw, abc is widely used for the notating and distribution of tunes, particularly on the internet. Very popular in traditional music circles, it is also gaining in popularity in early music.

For further information on abc, the various software packages available, and links to other abc sites and tune collections, go to the abc home page HERE

For further information on these original utilities go to the page by James Allwright HERE

You can download RISC OS abc apps HERE

in this zip file:

With these utility you can traslate MIDI <-> abc files, and you can print scores in poscript format.

Please note that this is a first release, which means it isn't bug free, so use at your own risk (and please report bugs to me).

Tommaso Leddi


Last updated: 8.1.2001