In association with MA.CRI.TRANS

Since more than 40 years in the trasport sector


Our firm operates in the sector of the transports with competence, quality and professionally in the service.
Composed by a vast car park and from an efficient team. Our firm is situated in Viale Elmas Km 4 (Elmas- Cagliari).
Our society is able to cover all draw from and to Sardinia in a national range and to transport any type of material, inclusive dangerous goods with semi - trailers, model: semi trailer mt. 13.60 cambered up/down big volume, semi - trailer mt. 13.60 open, trailer mt. 12.50 overtunable, trailer mt. 7.50 overtunable, depressed trailer to transport means of transport.
Besides, our society is specialised in the service of drawing the semi - trailer in account third. We remain to your disposal for any type of estimate and every possible explanation.

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