Red figures Apulian vases
De Leo's Collection (IInd room)

4th Showcase

On the upper shelf, several trozzelle.
On the middle and lower shelves, to be noticed red figures apulian vases (IVth century B.C.) decorated with satyrs and bacchantes, characters belonging to the Dyonisian cult.

5th Showcase

On the upper shelf, noteworthy is the human-shaped bronzes representing gods and heroes dating back to the IIIrd century and the Ist century B.C.

Glass cinerary urn
cinerarioOn the middle shelf, particularly interesting, both for their shapes and for the colours, some glass vases: balm pot or lachrymatory and cinerary urns dating back to the Ist century B.C. and the IIIrd century A.C. The kind of glass, thin and transparent is coloured in saundry tonalities of light-blue and green.
On the lower shelf there’s a small cuneiform amphora, used to contain spices (IIIrd century B.C.)

Hellenistic capital with acanthus leaves and female and male gods’ heads
capitelloIn the middle of the room there are two marble capitals belonging to the hellenic age, recovered in 1954 during the excavation for the building of the present Museum.