Towards the end of the VIIth millennium there are the first Neolithic finds on the italian territory and the low Salento is one of the few regions showing the traces of such ancient sites. We are in the phase of printed ceramics. In the Maglie Museum are kept finds coming from the Sacara Cave and from Santa Maria della Grotta.
At the end of the VIth millennium printed ceramics had decorations organized in more organic schemes and the Graffito Ceramics and the Red Bands painted Ceramics relegated the printed one to pottery. In the Maglie Museum are exhibited some finds of Graffito and of Red Bands Painted Ceramics coming from the Sacara and Zinzulusa caves.
Towards the end of the Vth millennium b.c. new schemes intervened in the painting decoration: it is the Tricomic Ceramics.

Lo Stregone di Badisco
In the second half of the IVth millennium b.c. the Serra d’Alto Ceramics appeared having very elaborated and refined decorations as well as a particular plastic taste in the handles’. In the Maglie Museum are also kept materials coming from Campo Belmonte (Alimini Lakes), from the Porto Badisco Plain and from Supersano.
The aspect of Serra d’Alto often superponed in the Salento, to the Diana facies, developing in most of the IIIrd millennium b.c. and closed in Southern Italy the Neolithic civilization’s chapter.

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