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This website is dedicated to a particular branch of  modern literature, the world of horror, mystery and thriller books. In these pages I'll try to insert reviews from books I have read but also information about horror and mystery authors. I hope this will help you if  you're searching for some spine-chilling stories to scare your socks off, or if you're looking for general info about your favorite author.

Anyway…before you take a look around these gloomy rooms, keep in mind that this place is still under construction.

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Dean Koontz: a comprehensive look at the artistic life of a master of storytelling. The author you don't want to miss if you crave for books that can scare the living daylights out of you! (CONSTANTLY UPDATED)


Other Authors: an ever-growing list of  horror authors, mystery writers and thriller masters whose astounding works should sit right there on your shelves. This section will feature information about each writer and reviews of books I've read. Check this out often! (LAST UPDATED 17/9/00)


Bram Stoker Awards: who won the most important prize for horror literature in the past years? Do you dare to peep in? ( This year's WINNERS!!)        


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