(aside from Dean Koontz, other writers have a knack for horror, mystery or suspense. If you like to be thrilled then you should draw from this list without waiting. It's time to be…scared to death)


This section will be slowly but constantly updated with info about every author and reviews of some of their books. Be patient…



Stephen King: I've read less than ten books by the acknowledged "king" of the horror world and even though some of them were not as extraordinary as a steadfast fan would certainly point out, I can sure tell you that others were absolutely wonderful. Do you think you've tasted what horror is like, nowadays, if you haven't tried this milestone of modern literature, yet? (updated 6/4/00)


Richard Laymon: one of the most unrestrained, downright horror writers of the last years, Laymon has written a couple of short stories collections and more than two dozen of novels. Get in touch with his roller-coaster-ride plots and with his nasty characters. (updated 15/4/00)


Peter Straub: not as vast as other writers', Straub's production nevertheless tackles most of modern horror literature forms. He's tried his hand at supernatural, gothic, dark thriller, mystery and even poetry. His prose is one of the richest you can find in this genre; a master that's often unfairly branded as just one of many horror writers. (updated 15/4/00)


James Herbert: he has outsold Stephen King in Great Britain, where his creepy stories, full of gory minutiae and supernatural horror, are widely renowned as compelling readings. Don't miss out on one of the few European masters of this genre. (updated 19/4/00)


Classic Horror: here you'll find some vintage horror classics that have probably broken the boundaries of  horror fiction, settling in the nobler realm of  the internationally acclaimed masterpieces of all time……let's start with:


       I Am Legend     by   Richard Matheson    (new! 17/9/00)




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