*      Bram Stoker Award Winners


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The Bram Stoker Awards for Superior Achievement are given annually by the Horror Writers Association (HWA). The winners are determined by vote of the Active members of HWA, and the awards themselves are presented at HWA's Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet.


The following is a list of winners in four of the most important categories for the last 12 years. All the listed works were published the year before they received the award.




Presented in 1988


Novel: (tie)         MISERY    Stephen King

                            SWAN SONG     Robert McCammon


First Novel:         THE MANSE      Lisa Cantrell


Short Story:         THE DEEP END          Robert McCammon


Collection:          THE ESSENTIAL ELLISON          Harlan Ellison

Presented in 1989


Novel:                 THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS             Thomas Harris


First Novel:         THE SUITING    Kelley Wild


Short Story:         THE NIGHT THEY MISSED

THE HORROR SHOW                   Joe R. Lansdale


Collection:          CHARLES BEAUMONT:

SELECTED STORIES           Charles Beaumont

Presented in 1990


Novel:                 CARRION COMFORT          Dan Simmons


First Novel:         SUNGLASSES AFTER DARK       Nancy Collins


Short Story:         EAT ME    Robert McCammon


Collection:          RICHARD MATHESON:

                            COLLECTED STORIES        Richard Matheson

Presented in 1991


Novel:                 MINE         Robert McCammon


First Novel:         THE REVELATION     Bentley little


Short Story:         THE CALLING   David B. Silva


Collection:          FOUR PAST MIDNIGHT      Stephen King

Presented in 1992


Novel:                 BOY'S LIFE        Robert McCammon


First Novel: (tie) THE CIPHER      Kathe Koja

                            PRODIGAL         Melanie Tem


Short Story:         LADY MADONNA      Nancy Holder


Collection:          PRAYERS TO BROKEN STONES         Dan Simmons

Presented in 1993


Novel:                 BLOOD OF THE LAMB       Thomas Monteleone


First Novel:         SIN EATER        Elizabeth Massie


Short Story:         THIS YEAR'S CLASS PICTURE   Dan Simmons


Collection:          MR FOX AND OTHER

FERAL TALES            Norman Partridge

Presented in 1994


Novel:                 THE THROAT             Peter Straub


First Novel:         THE THREAD THAT

                            BINDS THE BONES             Nina Kiriki Hoffman


Short Story:         I HEAR THE MERMAIDS SINGING      Nancy Holder


Collection:          ALONE WITH THE HORRORS    Ramsey Campbell

Presented in 1995


Novel:                 DEAD IN THE WATER        Nancy Holder


First Novel:         GRAVE MARKINGS   Michael Arnzin


Short Story: (tie) THE BOX           Jack Ketchum

                            CAFE ENDLESS: SPRING RAIN           Nancy Holder


Collection:          THE EARLY FEARS            Robert Bloch

Presented in 1996


Novel:                 ZOMBIE              Joyce Carol Oates


First Novel:         THE SAFETY OF UNKNOWN CITIES  Lucy Taylor


Short Story:         CHATTING WITH ANUBIS          Harlan Ellison


Collection:          THE PANIC HAND     Jonathan Carroll

Presented in 1997


Novel:                 THE GREEN MILE               Stephen King


First Novel:         CROTA               Owl Goingback


Short Story:         METALICA        P. D. Cacek


Collection:          THE NIGHTMARE FACTORY     Thomas Ligotti

Presented in 1998


Novel:                 CHILDREN OF THE DUSK  J.Berliner & G.Guthridge


First Novel:         LIVES OF THE MONSTER DOGS         Kirsten Bakis


Short Story:         RAT FOOD         Edo Van Belkom & David Nickle


Collection:          EXORCISMS AND ECSTASIES  K.E.Wagner & S.Jones

Presented in 1999


Novel:                 BAG OF BONES          Stephen King


First Novel:         DAWN SONG     Michael Marano


Short Story:         THE DEAD BOY

AT YOUR WINDOW            B. Holland Rogers


Collection:          BLACK BUTTERFLIES        John Shirley