Here are some awesome links you'll certainly appreciate. They're arranged by topic.


This is probably the primary Internet source for everything that deals with the world of horror books




This is the Australian website devoted to Richard Laymon, but it also has a huge heap of reviews of other authors' latest releases

Richard Laymon Kills!


         Other hot reviews

         Painted Rock Horror Reviews


         Books galore, here!


The official Dean Koontz web page. Currently it features all you need to know about his latest release, "False Memory"



The Creative Castle: Simon King brought in broad daylight the amazing literary talent of some endowed members of the alt.books.dean-koontz newsgroup



The alt.books.dean-koontz FAQ is maintained by Luke Croll



The official Koontz Castle website. Info of any kind about the alt.books.dean-koontz newsgroup. Maintained by Ernest Fairchild



Check out this site if you want to know more about the latest movies or if you're searching for cool reviews (only Italian version)



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