Last update: January 7th 2002:
  1. New mission .sav for Flanker 2.51: "The Stand"
  2. modified Flanker 2.51 single mission: "Dangerous Times" adding a password so that now you are able to change whatever you don't like!!!

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Single mission: The Stand

You set yourself against USAF F/A's


Single mission: That Last F.@ing Bridge

Destroy Railroad Bridge with Kh-29L missiles

Single mission: Dangerous Times II

Mission employing Fab 500Kg

Demo Track: Kirovskoya Station (Rich docet)

Track taken from Rich's mission available in Flanker 2.5 mission folder:

destroy your target and avoid 6 SA-6 missiles

Camouflage Mig-29K: Polish standard NATO

This camo is compatible with TAR 2.5

Single mission: Hide & Seek

Wide and destroy Scud missiles (by Gielle)


Single mission: Saving the Jacksonville

Escort a damaged US Navy submarine (Realistic scenario by Gielle) 


Training mission: Walleye tutorial

1.3 Mb training mission developed by Gielle with Voice Over 


Training mission: FAC tutorial

This training mission (1Mb) edited by Gielle is with VoiceOver. Special thanks to Bob 'Recluse' Tullman 


Single mission: Finnish Sauna

Fly a BarCap around Ivalo AB (mission created by Gielle)


Cinema Intro & Single mission: The Four Windmills

A solo mission with your P-38J


Cinema Intro & Single mission: Operation Bumble Bees

Escort with your P-51D a flock of B-26s into the heart of Germany

Cinema Intro & Single mission: Saving Private Ryan

Relive the last moments of the movie aboard of your P-47D


Cinema Intro & Single mission: This Sky Is Mine

Fly with your Me-262 and sweep the sky of american paratroopers

Cinema Intro & Single mission: A Lightning Novel

Fly with your P-38J above the enemy line performing a raid over Euskirchen