"Dame Mas"

    I was born in Roma. I attended the DAMS, of the literature and philosophy faculties. I studied acting and diction, and I learned pitch my voice for singing and playing. I speak English, French, Spanish and I'm found of sports. I love playing football, go hunting and go skiing.

    I started working as a D.J. in radios. In the same year I worked as director assistant in the Amedeo Minghi and Mietta videoclip "Vattene amore". The next year I was the protagonist of the spot "Vola al cinema" for the Anica. In 1992 I finished the "Love Dream" of Danny Besquet (with whom I partecipated in some records production), con Christopher Lambert e Diane Lane. My first direction was that in the documentary "Frank Sinatra" produced by Pier Quinto Carriagi, in 1995. Th following year I cooperated in the direction of another video of Minghi and in a live of Massimo Di Cataldo. I'm the co-protagonist of the 'Martini' spot with Sharon Stone. In 1996, I playing the role of Sandokan as a young in the film "Il Ritorno di Sandokan".

After having working in the executive production of the film "On the Road" with Raz Degan, I took singing lessons from the Maestro Romanoff. My love for music found a realization in the collaboration with the musicians Chaly Albert, Gianni Belfiore, Remo Licastro, Claudio Zitti, Renč Soler, Umberto Jervolino.
I'm the author either of the lyrics or the music of my songs.

The rest of my life is actuality. First the single "Amico", then the short "Marta" and then the remix version of "Dame Mas", of whom there ei the pop version either in spanish or in italian ("Dammi pių", of whom I realized the lyrics).

But I'm just at the beginning. I've still lost of things to do...
Now I'm working on the new album and I'm very, very busy in recording studio...