I processi a Berlusconi

La tabella che segue e' stata tratta dall'articolo comparso su "The Economist" del 28 aprile 2001, la cui copertina e' dedicata a Berlusconi, con il titolo: "Why Silvio Berlusconi is unfit to lead italy".

Case Date Charge Result Sentence First appeal Final Appeal
All Iberian 1996-99 Illegal finincing of political party Guilty 28 mths jail Statute of limitation Same as first
Fininvest and others 1996-2000 Four counts of corruption; birbing financial police Guilty 33 mths jail Statute of limitationon three counts. Acquitted on one count. In precess
Medusa 1998-99 Tax fraud Guilty 16 mths jail Acquitted Decided but not made public
Fininvest holding company 1998 False accounting In process      
Mondadori 2000 Corruption; birbing a judge Case thrown out      
Purchase of footballer 2001 False accounting In process      
SME 2000 Corruption; birbing a judge In process      
Fininvest Group Preliminary False accounting        
Telecinco (Spain)   Tax fraud; breach of antitrust laws Inquiry under way