Pulcinella is a character that emerges powerfully from
the Commedia dell'Arte.Philosophical, eternally melancholic dreamer as only a representant person of the napolitan colture could be, Pulcinella has spirit of his own. No tension or despair, his melancholic approach to life makes him coasts problems, situations, live adventure and, at the end, simply getting out of everything, in the same simply manner as how he got involved. His costume is poor and white.he wears a black mask and the coppolone hat.

Arlecchino is a poor character. He wears a colourfull pached costume. A poem of the masks tells that all the regional masks have sewed a piece of the dress. Arlecchino is a simple character. With his simpaty he outwits all the arrogant and greedly personages. He has an anarchic kind of behavior, he is always hungry and without money. he is the engine of the action in the story of the commedia dell'arte. The first actor that played with the Arlecchino's mask was Alberto Naselli in Bergamo, 1572


This mask is very famous and has a prticular form. it'is white with a long beak that needed in the pasta to the doctor to protect themselves from the contamination plague. The doctors wear a long black dress.



Brighella Cavicchio from Val brembana is his whole name.His mask represents a cunnig, clever servant that can help his master, but even deceives him. He is unscropulouse character and he is able to do every kind of job: he can became a barman, a soldier or a thief. he is the fulest servant of the Commedia dell'Arte. he is a mask from Bergamo Alta. He wears a strange green lined shirt, large trousers, a short cloak and a funny hat. His way of speaking is dialect from Bergamo

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