Filippo Rizzuto
Concert artist – composer and teacher
He was born in Rome in 1945 and he started really soon the study of classical guitar at S.Cecilia
Conservatory in Rome, under the guide of M° Benedetto Di Ponio, and he followed his advanced studies with M° Mario Gangi. Afterwards he studied principal harmony at the Papal Academy with M° Vieri Tosatti, and counterpoint and fuga with M° Nazario Bellandi.
He wanted to get a deeper knowledge of contemporary music and he entered the Conservatory of Frosinone where he has been M° Guaccero composition pupil.
When ha was 22 years old he gained the Guitar National Festival of Ancona and that of Castellammare di Stabia for the professional category.
From this moment he started the concert activity that will bring him through several countries: Italy, Germany, France, England, Malta, Spain, Russia, and Swissland.
Before taking his Diploma, he started to substitute M° Mario Gangi at RAI. Afterwards he entered the reality of best orchestras of Rome that produced records and music for movies, becoming soon one of the most popular guitarists. He become member of U.M.R.
He cooperated strongly with RAI Orchestra (both Symphony both Light).
As orchestra soloist he recorded hundred records and soundtracks. With RAI Symphony Orchestra he performed a lot of contemporary music cooperating with prestigious Maestros as Z.Metha, H.W.Henze, Guaccero, E.Morricone, C.Rustichelli, S.Bussotti, Penderescki, C.Savina, De Masi, M.Panni, G.Gelmetti, B.Maderna, G.Prètre and moreover always known from an international point of view.
When he was 27 years old he obtained the assignment of teaching guitar at Vibo Valentia Conservatory and from that moment he started also an intense didactic activity.
In his production as composer he wrote two ballets for orchestra: “Sogno di Pulcinella” and “Guernica”, that have been performed at Eliseo and Brancaccio Theatres in Rome.
He wrote also several music for documentary films and for the famous documentary film-maker Ugo La Rosa. He created music for the following theatre performances: “Bomboniere” of Carl Valentine, “Le Nuvole” of Aristofane, “Caffè Concerto” of Petrolini, “La scoperta dell’America” of Pascarella and “Terra e Vientu” based on folk theatre.
Always as composer, Filippo Rizzuto, he produced a lot of music for guitar, writing compositions for soloist instrument, duets, trios and two quartets as “Procesiòn” that has been inserted inside the Conservatory composers review 1999-2000.

As a composer he performed a vast range of his own music as soloist and with other good musicians.

He recorded several classic concerts for Vatican Radio that have been performed numerous times and he created the jingle of “Vetrina Radiovaticana” that will be played for more than ten years.

He recorded telecasts for various private channels (Canale 5, GBR, Telelazio) focused on classic guitar and three LP with his compositions for guitar.
He worked out music of E.Morricone, C.Rustichelli and A.Trovaioli, for quartet with guitar and trio with flute, violin and guitar, gaining universal consent from the authors.
He has been guest in several broadcasts and as a concert artist he obtained various reviews both in Italy both abroad.
He has been founder of Music Association “Il Triangolo”, promoting classical, jazz and pop music in Rome.
Among the numerous publications has an important role the method for guitar reviewed from “FRONIMO” and some transcriptions of  J.S. Bach for two guitars edited from Bèrben.
He has been the creator and founder of “Pentagramma d’oro” award that was dedicated to the best movie music composer of the year. The president was Ennio Morricone.
He takes care of seminars focused on composition and transcription for guitar and on (INTAVOLATURE ?) for lute. He wrote some articles on guitar education.
He has been named for the first guitar teaching competition in Italy and for the commission that took care of “Giovani Concertisti” selection, with Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione support.
Actually he is fully established guitar teacher at “A.Casella” Conservatory in Aquila.
Records list:
Nike NCM 1001
Nike NCM 1003
Elleci RCZ 3003            Compositions for guitar
RCA TPLI 1002            “Delirio”, with Maria Carta
Gemelli GBN               Filippo Rizzuto compositions for soundtracks
Gemelli GBN               Filippo Rizzuto compositions for violin, flute and guitar