Mokaefty already existed at the beginning of the century, when they focused in the import and distribution of "green" coffee and other (coloniali) products. In the 30s, M. Angelo Monti took over the company and decided to shift the company focus towards the production of roasted coffee. Mr. Angelo also decided to open four bars in the centre of Milan in order to improve the image and distribution of the brand. Mokaefty started to participate with a dedicated stand in the traditional exibition (Fiera Campionaria) annually held in Milan.

Sample Fair of Milan in the thirty's - Moka Efti's Stand

Mr. Angelo immediately understood the potential of both Mokaefti brand and his commercial philosophy. As a result, he decided to expand the company’s geographical target to the whole country: a network of agents was therefore set up to cover Lombardia, Tuscany and Marche regions and, after the war, the Southern Italy, Sardegna and Sicily.

Old trucks for coffee distribution in the city in the thirty's.

In 1957 Giorgio, son of Mr. Angelo, joined the company to represent Mokaefti strategic guide and motor in the last fourty years. The production growth progressively increased the importance of the purchase function of "green" coffee, with the aim to keep high and stable the quality of the produced (miscele). Giorgio therefore identified some producers located all over the world, with activities and prodution which fitted with his own. The direct relationship with these suppliers, which keep themselves away from the channels of standardized and high-volumes production, is still deemed as fundamental for the success of the company and Giorgio, notwithstanding his many tasks, still wants to be personally in charge of it.

The growth of the company has continued steadily over the last decades. Mokaefti now distributes its coffee over the whole country, with a commercial network made up of around thirty agents with dedicated deposits. Around ten years ago Mariangela and Nicoletta, Giorgio’s daughters, joined the company, just after graduating. They helped Giorgio in his tasks, also supporting him in the recent decision to fully renew the production structure and transfer the headquarters in a larger estate, close to Milan, which can better satisfy the reached dimension.

23rd Sample Fair - MILAN

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