Mariano Argiolas was born in Monserrato (CA) on 14/08/63, has started to play for dear  mandolin and  guitar when he was 12 years-old. To 13 he has frequented for 2 years a course of music in a private recreational circle, where he has also learned the first theoretical notions studying classical guitar and clarinet with the Maestro Gino Mameli. Under the suggestion of this last it enrolls him in the Conservatory od Music “G.P. da Palestrina” in Cagliari (1978) where he studies cello with the Maetro Franco Maggio Ormezowski and Maurizio Biancu, graduating himself in the Statal  Conservatory of Music of sassari “L. Canepa” in the year 1989.


Contemporarily to the study of  cello he cultivates the passion for  song in the light music and he plays, for beloved and curiosity, also the electric bass and the saxophone. Technically finding this last more immediate tool, he finds insertion near some orchestrate from dance and small band of traditional jazz, so also contributing to the financing of its studies.


During and after the classical studies he has belonged to various orchestras of archs and chamber. He has partecipated to some reviews of young musicians, and has recorded the R.A.I. Italian Radiotelevision (regional center for Sardinia).


In 1991 and 1992 he has studied composition for the practice of the continuous bass with the Maestro Enrico Pasini and he has made part, as cellist, of the strumental baroque ensemble “Il Cromocorno”, “Arcangelo Corelli” with wich has partecipated to numerous concerts among wich the second National Festival of Organ in Sardara (CA) and Turin, and he has performed about 30 religious concerts.