Marpesca s.n.c. di Ceravolo Giuseppe & C.
is a firm that trades in fishing products and has based its own activity on a simple and natural concept: life comes from sea.

Marpesca's team  works directly in Vibo Marina port, where there are the central offices, and where the firm has got its own refrigerators and motor vehicles.

In a place rich of tradition and ties with the sea, at the fishing boats arrival, the owner ship uses an ancient technic of sale that attracts a great number of tourists during the summer: through the fish fashion.

Our competence is based on the value of quality and service to offer you the freshness and tastes that sea generously offers us, without forgetting the trust that our own customers have in our own work.

Let's contact our sales department to have further information about our own products, to know our own competitive prices and to send us orders about everyting you need.

Last adjournment date: 31-05-2000

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