Width : 94.8 cm - 37"1/4
Length : 262 cm - 8'7"
Volume : 170 l.
Tail Width : 70.3 cm - 27"3/4
Weight : 8.5 kg

Technology :

One K Carbon Technology
Fin Box : Deep Tuttle
Fin Size : 65 - 75 cm
Sails Size : 9.0 - 11.5 m2
Shaper : Jean Bouldoires
Introducing the new AHD Diamond Formula 95, the hottest racing machine on the fast growing Formula scene. To date, the new AHD Diamond Formula 95 is the most recent design available on the market. To ensure that the board outperforms the competition, its development has been finalised as late as possible - only by the end of November. Considering AHD unique record of race-winning boards, no doubt that this new Diamond Formula 95 will be on the top of the podiums in 2001.
An innovative design
The Diamond Formula, developed by Antoine Albeau and Janne Rauhansuu, has specific features for formula racing, to boost performance between 5 and 20 knots of wind.
Scoop line and vee distribution have been refined to make the Diamond Formula 95 point higher than anything else, but also providing enough acceleration to overtake competitors - when necessary…
Downwind, the board is fast and easy. The DF95 is free enough on the water to fully use its exceptional speed potential.
The DF 95 also features a contoured deck shape to improve both sailing comfort and board stiffness. Its reduced length and thickness to boost acceleration and control.
The tail and the nose are of course in AHD original diamond shape.
One K Technology
AHD technological department has developed a totally new technology for that new board: One K Technology. Thanks to the intensive use of High Modulus 1K carbon fibers – the stiffest lightest and most expensive carbon available today – the AHD Diamond Formula 95 has the best stiffness/weight ratio ever. Higher stiffness and reduced weight will make the difference in super-lightwind onditions.
Another exclusive feature is the use of a dual density EPS core. A high density central beam guarantees that the stiffness of the board and its dimensional – in particular its scoop line – will be preserved longer. In other words, the board will offer the same level of performance from the first to the very last race of the season.
Lastly, the AHD Diamond Formula 95 is equipped with a super deep Tuttle box for improved lateral stiffness.
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