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La bottega dell'arte di Massimo Manca




The Massimo Manca's "La bottega dell'arte is one of the handcrafts-workshops where " Sa resolza", the classic Pattada's flick knife is made. This knife, is also known from the all world amateurs as "La pattadese".

The workshop is located in Pattada, in the hearth of Sardinia near Sassari.

In addition to the classic knife, here you may find also other models, created by Massimo Manca. All the knives are hand-crafted according to ancient traditions which create such precious jewels. Some of these model are shows in the knives page.

At "La bottega dell'arte" other iron works are made for furnishing and restoring. They are shown at the shop exibition and some samples are shown in the linked page.



Massimo Manca




Via Sa Ena

07016 (SS) Pattada ( Italy )