HAMCALC 0.9 for PalmOS 3.5

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Please read the Important Notices at the bottom of the page before using the software

Operating VHF and higher with beams on the field is surely great fun for the most of us. The problem is that on the field, unless it is not a DXexpedition, we must do without some "comforts" that are typical of a base installation. One of those is the computer. Sometimes radio, power source and antennas are enough to be taken around, let alone getting a laptop as well. So I decided to start develop this software for the PalmOS. The function that is actually implemented is a QRB and QTF calculator, but the idea is to make a complete toolkit with

DXCC database, logging and so on. It is a long way to go and time is always not as much as you would like it to be, so it'll take some time to get to the goal, and I am sure your feedback could really make the difference. I'd really like to get an email with comments from whoever download the program, just to understand which kind of interest HAM community has in palmtop computing.

Then, if you really like the idea and feel the need to contribute, please send $5... it'll be an even more tangible proof :)

Important Notices: