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Welcome in my little corner on the web.

I am born in Monza in the 1971, but I live since 1978 at Cinquale, a little seaside resort on the coast of the Versilia in Tuscany.

After the diploma of "Tecnico delle Attività Alberghiere (60/60)" with specialization in "Addetto ai Servizi di Cucina" I have worked as chef in some importants hotels and restaurants of this wonderful coast of the Tuscany.


My home

During the universitary study (Economia e Commercio, five year out course :-) I have started to program on computer Macintosh and from over ten years I work in this sector carring out:

  • office programs
  • applications, utilities and XCMDs
  • Internet sites
  • multimedia CD-Roms
  • video presentations
  • desktop publishing and art works

My co-resident

If your activity takes place in the provinces of Massa, Lucca and Pisa and you are looking for a Macintosh programmer or a web designer contact me.

My studio