Milan Cricket Club - 28th Anniversary Year
Founded 1972


club ground at Grandola

Honorary member of the
Federazione Cricket Italia

The home ground is slightly outside Milan in Grandola between Menaggio on Lake Como and Porlezza on Lake Lugano.

Club Profile
Milan Cricket Club was formed in 1972 by an intrepid group of UK expatriates,some of whom still play for the club. The club played its first match in June 1972 against Geneva. The club basically plays friendly matches against a variety of other clubs, some within Italy but mostly from surrounding countries such as France, Switzerland and Germany. We play most Saturdays and Sundays from April through to October, except that usually there is nothing in August because everyone's away on holiday. 
We cater for a wide range of players from different countries and with varying cricket abilities. At present it happens that most are ex UK but there are also some members from India, Sri Lanka, and even Italy! 
Although it helps to have had some experience of playing cricket, the most important qualities are a love of the game,and of the friendly competitive spirit, as well as enjoying the "apres match" as much as the game itself. 

If you are interested in playing for us or bringing a team to play us, 
go to the fixture list page and call or send us a fax or an Email. 

fielding practice 1998

Fielding practice 1998

Fixtures are usually on a weekend basis where typically the team and any supporters gather at lunch time on the Saturday and play the first game against the opposing side on the Saturday afternoon. Then drinks and dinner in the evening are perhaps followed by a modestly priced overnight hotel stay before the players meet up again on Sunday morning to play the "return game " which is usually finished by around 4.00 p.m. in the afternoon allowing people time to get back to Milan, whether from the home ground in Grandola or the many exotic away locations. 
The home ground is basically a meadow in the middle of a beautiful mountain setting with a stream running through which acts well as a beer cooler, if it's not the dry season. The facilites are a little bit rural and the outfield tends to encourage aerial hitting to accumulate runs fast.This season we have a slight blot on the landscape, courtesy of the farmer who owns the land, who has built a multi story cowshed on what used to  be the parking and reserve BBQ area (see photo foreground, the area in front of the stream) and cut back the only tree giving shade in the hot June/July months.
         Parking is a bit tricky and the building site intrudes a little, but it might provide some shelter in wet weather and if we can incorporate a white site screen in one of the walls,it will look more like a cricket ground. 
We hope that everybody,whether Milan or opposition, will continue to think the journey well worthwhile and, win or lose,that the game and the ambience, more often than not accompanied by hot sunny weather, make it an enjoyable way to spend the weekend.