Count: Log analizer version 8.3


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Usage conditions

This program is distributed under the GNU/GPL licence.
Feel free to use and modify it as you like, but names of the original authors should always be remembered in the application.


Run Count without parameters to read istructions
It's possible to generate, besides the list of robots and their global reports, a summary of the conduct of one particular crobot against the enemies. Available options are:

/a (-a under Linux)
to study the conduct face to face of the whole crobot set

/t (-t under Linux)
generates .txt and .lst files

/v (-v under Linux)
to sort f2f summary according to the percentual of victories

/n (-n under Linux)
declaring the number of the matches Count inserts the already done %

/p (-p under Linux)
enalbles Pranzo's scoring scheme

/b (-b under Linux)
enables a 3 points bonus fon the victory under 100000 cycles

/w (-w under Linux)
sets score for the victory (works both in standard and Pranzo scores)

/x (-x under Linux)
disables penalty for draws with 4 survivers and damages under 40% (Pranzo scheme only)

/d (-d under Linux)
prints additional infos about victories and draws

/q (-q under Linux)
modifies the weight of the 4vs4 Tournament if a combined competition is played

/f (-f under Linux)
modifies the weight of the f2f Tournament if a combined competition is played

/i (-i under Linux)
allows to choose html page title (Default:'Risultati del Torneo')

The program generates three output files: .txt report, HTML report with .htm extention and an ordered crobot list with a .lst extention


Copyright(C) Simone ASCHERI & Michelangelo MESSINA 1999-2000

This software and manual are provided 'as is' without warranty of any kind.
The user of this software and manual assume all risks.
Source code are included.