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Only quality midi in this section, all taken around the Net. From Pop to Rock, from Jazz to Dance, from TV & Movie to Cartoons've just found the best midi in the Net. Bookmark our humble site and come back often: our midi collection is growing up. If you know of a very good midi in the Net, or if you've just made one, post it to us...we'll be happy to put it in our collection, and to speak about you

Midi Search

Why turn around the Net looking for several midi? Why spend a lot of time in searches that sometimes give you no results, and lead you nervous? With these four midifile-oriented search engines the only thing to do is to type the song name (or the author) and...just sit down, relax, download and listen to your favourite midi.


If you use a Soundblaster or a soundfonts compatible module, you should want to listen to the midis with the proper sounds, choosing from the best soundfonts around the Net. Inside this our site you'll find all you need to transform your "common" Sounblaster in a killer, one. 


Here we've inserted the most interesting and complete midi sites we've found during last years...only brandy sites. If you know of other good midi sites, please contact us and we'll put soon.

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