Designed by Demetrio, the MORDEM’s owner

The new scuba diving technique uses oxygen only.

This technique allows you to dive for some hours in a safe way with a simple equipment.

More complex equipment (heavier and more expensive),  using a gas mixture whose main component is oxygen, allow you to dive at bigger depht.

ARO Mordem is suitable for scuba diving at small depht for about 3 hours without decompression.

ARO MORDEM is the best solution for scuba diving schools , for taking pictures, for boat maintenance (check of the hull), etc,…

The first oxygen breathing apparatus have been used during World War 2 and since then no particular improvements have been implemented.


The 2 main features of ARO Mordem are:

- The automatic opening closing of the mouthpiece

- The soda lime located in an appropriate container externally to the lung bag.

ARO MORDEM can be easily assembled and disassembled without any tool.

We suggest to check the equipment before diving:

Breathe at least for 1 minute clenching your teeth (in order to open the white pellet) and try a  few times to empty out the lung bag.

ARO MORDEM is a very safe product



ARO MORDEM is composed by:

The tank contains 2 litres of oxygen at 200 atm.

The valve is controlled by a light pressure on the knob (with the left hand)

In the lung bag the ‘’ already breathed ‘’ air is mixed with the oxygen supplied by the valve.

The lung bag is shielded by a transparent container and its capacity is 6 litres.

You have to clean the lung bag every 5/10 minutes:

-  Breathe in all the air contained in the lung bag and breathe out with your nose

-  afterward fill the lung bag with oxygen pressing the valve’s knob.

 The filter is composed by 2 bags (0.5 kg. Each) filled with soda lime (easy to replace)

 The filter rigenerates the ‘’ already breathed ‘’ air recovering the oxygen and eliminating the residual gas.

 It is very easy to check the status of the filter; it changes its colour while exhausting..

 The mouthpiece opens automatically when you put it in the mouth and closes automatically when you take it off.


ARO MORDEM is very silent and does not make any bubbles.

Only one airflow pipe links the filter to the mouthpiece.

(also available a configuration with 2 pipes; in this case you can put it on your shoulders)

ARO MORDEM weighs only 7 Kg. and is floating; therefore in order to dive with it you need a ballast.

ARO MORDEM  is cheaper and lighter than  a complete equipment (like ARA)

For your safety use the MORDEM RAFT : tether to it with a 10 mt. lanyard.



Hiperoxemia: too much oxygen when diving below 10 mt; you can faint

HIPOXIA: lack of oxygen; fill the lung bag with oxygen.

Lung Bag Cleaning: Change often the air , breathing in from the mouthpiece and breathing out with your nose or with your mouth.

Afterward fill the bag with oxygen.

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