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Three floors that relate the story of seamanship by exposing findings from the daily lives of fishermen up to the noble achievements of captains of the latest sailing-boats:

  • mechanical or electrical system, with indicator and controindicator, used to give dispositions from the bridge to the engine-room;
  • binnacle; support fixed to the deck of the ship on which the compass is placed;
  • A 19th century gimbals light;
  • A 19th century light used in the captain's cabin;
  • Clinometer: instruments used to measure the angle of inclination;
  • Shiplog: istrument used to measure the real speed of the ship;
  • Bust-head (XIX c.) graven figure in wood that adorned the bow of the ship;
  • A shell used by fishermen to signal;
  • Bell dating from 1939;
  • Fog horn;
  • Anchor lights;
  • Masthead lights;
  • Navigations lights;
  • Religious "voto" for grace received;
  • Model of the ship rigged vessel (576 g.r.t.) launched in Procida (Naples) in the 1876. It was stranded July 22nd 1894 at Sandy Rock;
  • Ship in bottle:  done by a sailor in 1889 in the crossing Naples-Marseille;
  • Rudder wheel of the M/v "Libera";
  • Model of the cutter "Mamma Maria", used to carry wine from Ischia (Naples) to the mainland;
  • The dead eye (1840) belonged to a double mast sailing ship sailing from Casamicciola (Ischia-Naples) and shipwrecked on the rock cliff of Palinuro (Salerno - Italy). Sailors recovered various pieces of the sailing ship and preserved them for memory;
  • Snatch block -it is a block with opening cut for inserting a rope. It belonged to the ship "Buona Speranza";
  • Model of the "Warrion" disappeared in sea near Capo Coceva (Sassari-Italy) in 1910;
  • Model of the "Bella Vincenzina" launched in 1925, used for the transport of wine and pottery from Casamicciola (Ischia Naples) to the continent;
  • Collection of post cards of various periods of the island and its fishermen;
  • Old wickerwork woven by fishmen in the '30s;
  • Oil lights used to signal the position of nets;
  • Naptha fueled lamp used for fishing squid;
  •  Erroneously called "lampara",this source of light (1920/1969) was supplied with acetylene then with gas. Used for the fishing of blue fish;
  • "Lambaruolo" -carbide lamp. They were put out of the boats to attract  fish;
  • "Marruffo" net basket is lowered in water with live fish until the fish is sold ;
  • Photographic collection -"Underwater World";
  • Collection of postage stamps from around the world, . The enormous stamp collection is exposed to rotation;
  • Old utensils used from the carpenters;
  • Hand operated capstan used to haul ashore big boats (Casamicciola's beach from 1921 to 1957);
  • Bulwark whith a rope and crok fender;
  • Old wood bollard (1926) belonged to the sailing ship "Nuovo Francesco Padre", fixed on the bridge on what he gave to ropes;
  • Stone anchor (neolitic age);
  • Collection of shells;
  • A bullet of bombard (1200) found in the area of Cartaromana (Ischia Naples) where  was a lead foudry. The band lead maids to measure the depth of sea;

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