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About Nefelheim

The musician started to play the electric guitar at 13 years old, influenced from hard rock and heavy metal listenings. Many years later, during the 2000, he records a cdr (never distribuited) called "Darkness". So, using a midi synthetizer were born the first approaches to that kind of gloomy sound that will be his trademark style. It follows the cdr "Yggdrasill" using the name "Nefelheim"; 45 minutes of true electronic dark ambient. Later, he use the electric and acoustic guitar and concrete sounds to create most deepest and atmospheric tracks. After his third work "Earth Purification" (a mini cdr) and the deep drones based Cdr "Shadow's Dwelling", he collaborates with Nimh (Giuseppe Verticchio) to a project called "Whispers from the Ashes" that is distribuited as CD by the Italian label Amplexus Records in the 2003 year. Reviewed on magazines and web magazines, Nefelheim's albums with echoing and melanconic melodies, draw obscures paths in the listener brain.

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