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"Whispers from the Ashes" CD

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Nimh/Nefelheim - "Whispers from the Ashes"
Cd - Amplexus Records - 2003

"Ideally inspired by the Inquisition era, like some titles of the tracks may suggest, "Whispers from the Ashes" presents Nimh (Giuseppe Verticchio) and Nefelheim joined together for the production of a dark oriented CD that alternates obscure and haunting atmospheres with more gloomy and sometimes dramatic and highly evocative episodes... In a blend of low frequences, metallic sounds, echoes of distant voices and human screams, whispers, concrete noises, ritual processions, suddenly an acoustic guitar chord, some reverberate piano notes, the sound of falling rain, bits of thundering percussions emerge... Like in a disquieting voyage to a far away past, in a stakes and witches age, featuring persecutions of heretics and superstition... A wonderfull trip in vein of Raison D'Etre and Cold Meat sounds.

(Amplexus Records)

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