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VDT Safe 1.0

help in preserving health of your eyes







This very small program has no installation: just copy and run!. It wants to be an aid in preserving your eyes at work (or simply browsing the Web) in front of the computer monitor. It runs in background, and after a predetermined time (chosen by you freely or among a few options) it remembers you to get a pause far from the screen. NOTE: it is NOT a simple timer, but it monitors the user's activity (keyboard and mouse) and the counter starts and stops when you start and stop working, all automatically. Of course, it's FREE. Just mail me your comments, thanks in advance.

Download auto-extracting EXE file (344Kb)

WinDIZ 2.8

Last release: March 11, 2003

Do you have tons of zip files from previous downloads but can't remember
what's in them? Most files contain a file_id.diz file , readme.txt or some other
sort of text that has an overview of the software. You could open each one
individual, but that can be a boring and tedious task. WinDiz let's you
browse your ZIP files and will automatically show the contained .txt or .diz
file in the built in viewer. And if there isn't any info file, you can simply type in the text box what you want and WinDIZ automatically will generate file (or edit if it exists) and compress it into the ZIP, with only one button press! The same browsing system (browsing and/or editing infos) is now possible also with MP3 files (ID3 v1 and v2 tags)

Now browsing zip and MP3 file content only takes
seconds and a few click with your mouse!

This new release, again, has no installation: just copy and run!

New features

Directory report generator: with this tool you can save the contents of your zipped files in a report file containing file name, size, date and infos extracted according by rules chosen in Windiz. The file can be saved in HTML, XLS, DOC and TXT format, or also appended (only for HTML) to another existing file. Create your own archive of zipped files with a few click of mouse!


Features of WinDIZ:

Easy interface, compatible and familiar with Windows

Small but functional file manager to copy, move and delete one or more files at the touch of one button, or by drag & drop, among two indepent panels

ID3 v1 and v2 tag support for MP3 files: when browsing files, you can view / add / modify instantly MP3 infos embedded and, of course, play the song

Complete multi language support by editing or adding simple text files to the program; Italian, English, Magyar, Estonian and Turkish included

Instant editing and / or adding info files (file_id.diz or readme.txt etc.), and saving automatically in archive file with a single click of mouse

Possibility of choosing any number of custom file extension, and saving these preferences on disk

Integrated zipper / unzipper, very easy to use: options of unzip one or more files from archive; to zip, just drag & drop between two boxes, and press only one button (for standard archiving)

View button for display graphic files (bmp, gif, jpeg, ico, emf, wmf) and text files

Zip and unzip most important options selectable, for a greater flexibility

When minimized it goes to the tray area, to have WinDIZ ready for use all the time

A small but complete help on line... but you wouldn't need it, it's too easy!

Just mail me your comments, thanks in advance

Download auto-extracting EXE file (880 Kb)


NOTE: if desired, you can still download the old versions:

WinDIZ 2.7 (770 Kb)

WinDIZ 2.6 (537 Kb)

or the lighter older 2.5 version (425 Kb)

WinDIZ on the Web:

5594 downloads (on March 11, 2003) on

2704 downloads (on March 11, 2003) on

2551 downloads (on March 11, 2003) on


Click here if you want to see some screenshots of WinDIZ 2.7



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Icons collection #1

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300 icon files to download for customize your programs or WEB sites

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Icons collection #3

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