Dictionaries and Glossaries

Links to useful online bilingual (Italian-English) dictionaries and reference sources

It-E - Accoustics Glossary
It-E - Automobile Terms [Maserati]
It-E - Baseball [also abbreviations and Sp]
It-E - Cinema Dictionary
It-E - Computing Glossary)
It-E - Credit Cards, Rigid Films Wordlist
It-E - Disney Character Names Wordlist
It-E - Diving Glossary
It-E - Film Titles (Movie Database)
It-E - Food (Italian Food)
It-E - Food (General)
It-E - Fruits and Plants
It-E - Horse Dictionary
It-E - Illuminated Manuscripts (Codici miniati) Wordlist
It-E - Insurance Glossary (Generali)
It-E - Italian Cheese
It-E - Italian Food
It-E - Jewish Dictionary
It-E - Linux Glossary
It-E - Marble Glossary
It-E - Medical Terms
It-E - Medical Terms PneumoNet
It-E - Medical Meta Search
It-E - Music Glossary
It-E - Occupational Safety and Health
It-E - Oil and Petroleum Products Wordlist
It-E - Packaging Wordlist
It-E - Photography Dictionary
It-E - Photography Glossary
It-E - Reptiles Dictionary
It-E - "R-O-Matic" Dictionary
It-E - Slang Dictionary
It-E - Stock Exchange Glossary
It-E - Wine Glossary
It-E - Wood Dictionary




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