Nigel J. Ross

Beyond Blue Chips, Bulls and Bears

Starting from an article in The Economist about European currencies, this article examines the use of metaphor in the language of economy and finance. Certain key categories of metaphor are identified and numerous examples are provided. Images of transport are subdivided into sea, land and air transport, and children's playgrounds also come into the picture. The landscape is often referred to figuratively in economic and financial texts, and another large group of metaphors relates to fighting: wars, battles and personal combat. Health and illness also provide a further category of images. Lastly, some reasons are put forward for this plethora of figurative usage in this sectorial variety of language.

published in Verbatim - The Language Quarterly (Vol 20/3 1994), Indianapolis, U.S.A.
reprinted in Dragomanno, (no. 3 1994) Associatione Italiana Traduttori e Interpreti, Milano, Italia

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