E-texts (E-books)

Links to useful sites where e-texts (e-books) are available (particularly useful for finding quotations in the original language)

E - Access The Great Books
E - Biblomania
It - Biblioteca Telematica
E - CELT (Corpus of Electronic Texts)
E - Electronic Text Center
E - EServer
E - E-texts from Mitsu Matsuoka
E - Electronic Book Company
E - Electronic Text Collection
Multi - Gutenberg Project
E - Internet Public Library
E - Online Books
E - Online Books Digital Library
E - Online Books Index (FTP)
E - Shakespeare Complete Works


Other useful links for text sources:

E - CD Recordable Parallel Texts
E - The Phrase Finder
E - Rhymes, Thesaurus, Quotations
It - Cultura




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