Nigel J. Ross

A Gaggle of Geese

Leaners of English - and sometimes native speakers too - struggle with collective nouns. They are a vital part of the richness of the language, and offer wonderful opportunities for witty creativity. This article brings out the usefulness, the creativity and the wit of these wonderfully vivid words. And there's a practical worksheet at the end for use with students at varying levels. A good number of collective nouns are well know to native English speakers who would commonly use them in everyday speech. Examples include: a flight of stairs, a swarm of bees, a pack (or deck) or cards, a pack of wolves, a fleet of ships ... Is there a collective noun for editors who fuss over little details? A nitpick of editors? Oh dear.

published in Modern English Teacher (Vol. 16/4, October 2007), Keyways Publishing Ltd, Chichester, UK.

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Modern English Teacher
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