Nigel J. Ross

Teaching Stress and Intonation with Lego

Various teaching aids have been proposed to teach stress and intonation patterns in English, though often they have proved to be rather impractical. Lego or Duplo bricks, on the other hand, are an easy and versatile tool for this difficult area of language teaching. Examples of how they can be used are given in relation to teaching stress patterns in individual words as well as short phrases and full sentences. Secondary stresses and tonic stresses can also be highlighted through the use of the bricks, as can full patterns of intonation. Various suggestions are put forward as to how to use Lego in the classroom to get across a rather complex concept in an effective way.

published in Modern English Teacher (Vol 5/2, April 1996), Modern English Publications, UK.

   full article available online: Teaching Stress and Intonation with Lego

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