Nigel J. Ross

Linking on the London Underground

Most people seem to think that the London Underground was designed to transport people quickly and efficiently around the city, but some English teachers seem to think otherwise. The names of the London Underground stations appear to have been thought up purposely to teach English linking: the way of connecting words together in speech. This article quickly reviews the mechanics of linking in ordinary pronunciation, and goes on to point out some of the many examples that occur in the names of stations on the Tube. The second part suggests a few ways that the stations can be used to practise linking, including a game that combines telling the time (another good area of language where linking can be practised) and the names of the stops on the London Underground.

published in Modern English Teacher (Vol. 9/1, January 2000), Pearson Education Ltd, Basingstoke, UK.

   full article available online: Linking on the London Underground

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